Title Author Reply
[Technical Support] ZenTao behind reverse proxy M. Kargaree 3
[Agile and Scrum] Like us on social media and get 10 licenses for free! ZenTao ALM 12
[Agile and Scrum] Daily Scrum-ZenTao videos ZenTao ALM 0
[Feedback] 10.0 version story and plan screens show chinese characters near page numbers Neha Verma 4
[Technical Support] SSL For My Site Eduard 1
[Technical Support] Click Transfer Task button in a project, but no tasks listed. Why? meilin 1
[Feedback] Acknowledgement: French Translation Contributor-Didier Genevois ZenTao ALM 0
[Technical Support] Can ZenTao be integrated with GitHub? Michael 1
[Technical Support] Set status "closed" on Project Michał 5
[Technical Support] How to allow a user to on a bug? TJ 4
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