2845   2021-05-10

ZenTao 15.0.stable is released

ZenTao 15.0.stable is released. This release mainly integrates ZenTao Desktop 4.1.beta, fixes bugs, and improves details...
4223   2021-05-10

ZenTao Biz 5.0 is released!

ZenTao Biz 5.0 is released!
1546   2021-05-07

ZenTao Pro 10.0 is released

ZenTao Pro is an enhanced version of ZenTao Open Source. The intention of developing the professional version is to prov...
2199   2021-04-16

ZenTao Max 2.0.rc1 is released

ZenTao Max 2.0.rc1 is released. Based on 2.0.beta4, our team have fixed several bugs, refactored the document library an...
1826   2021-04-16

ZenTao 15.0.rc3 is released

Hello, everyone! ZenTao 15.0.rc3 is released. This release is to integrate GitLab.
2368   2021-04-12

ZenTao 15.0.rc2 is released

Hello, everyone! ZenTao 15.0.rc2 is released. This release is about fixing bugs and optimizing the document library feat...
2600   2021-04-06

ZenTao 15.0.rc1 is released

Hello, everyone! Since the day ZenTao version 15.0 version was projected, it has been released several times internally....
Hello, everyone! ZenTao has released multiple versions iteratively since ZenTao was projected. After a long period of po...
ZenTao Open Source 12.5.3 is released. This release is to reconstruct the Annual Work Summary and to fix bugs.
5656   2021-01-12

ZenTao Biz 4.1.3 is released

ZenTao Biz 4.1.3 is released! This release is to synchronize with ZenTao Pro 9.0.3 and ZenTao open source 12.5.3.