ZenTao 16.5 is Launched!

2022-04-01 16:39:11
Summary : Hello and welcome to ZenTao 16.5! We have fixed some bugs in this release.

ZenTao 16.5 is Launched!

Hello and welcome to ZenTao 16.5! We have fixed some bugs in this release. We have added the concept of the Interface, provided the Lite Interface, and integrated the feature of Interface Switching since ZenTao 16.5.


This is, in short, the interface is a reorganization of ZenTao features. Let's take an example of the default interface -- R&D Interface, you can see all the developer-related features on this page, and users can switch from the R&D Interface to the Lite Interface. There are many streamlined features in the Lite Interface, which is convenient for the non-developer team to do the project management.


The features of the Lite Interface include project management, OA management, Kanban management, Doc, System and etc.


Besides, we are going to launch other interfaces for multiple roles soon, such as the Developer Exclusive Interface, Testing Exclusive Interface, Product Owner Exclusive Interface, etc, so stay tuned!

The Main Performance Improvements of ZenTao 16.5:

  • Lite Interface is newly added. Support the switching between the R&D Interface and Lite Interface.
  • The features of the Lite Interface include project management, OA management, Kanban management, Doc, system, etc.
  • The extension mechanism is upgraded. The new version is not only compatible with historical extensions while supporting the display of multiple interfaces but also compatible with subsequent custom development.

Welcome to download and try!

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Fixed bug

21082 The tasks are shown in the swim line two times when the swim line is restored from the deletion

21054 It's not going to the page of last execution automatically when the Kanban is deleted

21052 Bugs with the styling display on the product overview page

21044 The closed execution can't be deleted

21037 The creator and the person in charge (owner) are not synced to the team when creating stages in the waterfall projects

21036 On the page "batch create tasks", the requirements on the right side are related to other modules when selecting "Ditto" on the left sidebars

21029 On the page "batch create tasks", the requirements can't be viewed after selecting

20977 Bugs with the styling display when clicking iteration on the requirement details page

20976 The software requirements are not shown in the task list

20975 Bugs with the styling display on the task Kanban page

20930 Errors pop out when executing multiple products in the waterfall projects

20923 The popup is not closed after clicking Save in the professional R&D Kanban

20918 The requirement number is not correct on the requirement list page in Plan

20915 Bugs with the editing page in the professional R&D Kanban

20813 Exit the editing page in the phase "batch editing"

20808 On the page linking the requirement with the product plan, errors pop out when clicking Cancel after Start

20807 The icon of the Kanban project is not shown correctly in the program list

20766 The card detail/edit page are still shown the progress field even with the progress management disabled

20742 No privilege is assigned if the user does not fill in "user name" when logging into the system even with making up later

20713 On the page "Report Bug" after upgrading, "create release" is shown even there are builds

20661 "R&D" is shown on the top right corner in the classic mode

20646 Progress should be shown white when the card is set to non-white

20645 The progress of the completed card is 0% which is supposed to be 100%

20588 In the process of installing ZenTao and Set accounts, click Save and it will go to the page installation completed successfully even no password is filled in

20543 On the page "Report Bug", the execution is selected by default when selecting the branch or switching to another product

20490 The previous Kanban privilege is not hidden on the page Privilege -- Execution

20457 The search results on the R&D Interface include the content of the Lite Interface

20396 All the builds can be selected after switching branch/execution on the page batch report bug

20111 Errors pop out when going to the project library after creating the Doc execution library

20098 The related requirement won't be released together when releasing the linked build

19709 The reflecting build is not refreshed when changing the belonging project on the page report bug

19698 Errors pop out on the page importing data from Jira in the Win32 one-click installation package

19696 Bugs with the styling display of the upgrade page on the bottom right corner of ZenTao 16.4 panel

19680 The buttons "Next" and "Back" on the page " set the correspondence between Jira and ZenTao" are supposed to be shown at the bottom of the page

19662 The saved style is inconsistent with the system when importing Jira data

19647 "My recent projects" are duplicated after importing Jira data

19644 The password on the page "set Jira user" has no identification of "must be filled in"

19577 The styling display of the save notification needs to be optimized when setting the correspondence between Jira and ZenTao

19439 There is no comparison function for rich text type documents

19382 The existing projects can't be linked to the newly created products in the classic management model

19315 The is no effect when calling the interface to create/modify the reproduction steps of bug

19261 The reminder of the belonging execution can't be left empty when solving a bug

19256 The builds can't be created under the Kanban projects

19251 No spacing on the left side when the number of cards in the sub-column of the general kanban board exceeds the work-in-progress limit

19243 If the ID of the professional project Kanban is duplicated with the ID of the general Kanban, the custom height can be changed in the general Kanban

19238 The borderline of the contact icon is not closed

19074 The popup windows are shaking when creating a space or switching a space

19004 More menu columns are shown below when sub-columns are archived

18344 In PHP 8.0, click Save and there will be a prompt remaindering that the estimated number cannot be negative when creating a new card in Kanban without filling the estimated work hours.

18269 Create a stage under the waterfall project without adding the creator to the team

18018 There is a blank popup window when logging in if filling the code content to the company column

18017 All the search functions can't be loaded if there are Chinese names in the user list

17963 If the user has no product privilege nor creating product privilege, click on product library and there will be a prompt remaindering no product privilege

17944 When the mail notification is trigged out in the data created by an API, there are some spelling issues with the hyperlink URL inside the email

17943 Stages with deleted tasks in the waterfall model cannot create child stages

17668 The special characters can't be shown correctly in the area name

17627 The selected stakeholders are not supposed to be shown in the drop-down menu when they are selected again

17415 It will go to the execution automatically when closing the prompt on the page "Project" -- "iteration"

17396 The project selection page is not closed after selecting the project management method when creating a project in the program

17341 In the classic mode, errors pop out if selecting ditto when splitting the software requirement into tasks

17330 On the page “create requirement”, the size of the popup window of the creating plan is not the same as others

17284 When creating a project in the program list, the popup window still exists after selecting the project management method

17264 The related pages are shown incorrectly when filling space in the name of the interface library

17254 When refresh the page "Project" -- "Bug" -- "Report Bug", it will go to the "QA" -- "Bug"

17191 Errors pop out when clicking Save after adding execution with multiple branches

19180 In the classic mode, lines break of the task detail module

17139 Error reported for an avatar permission issue

17110 Project team members do not have access to the master project document repository

17062 Table misalignment in Task Kanban

17054 When adjusting the number of cards displayed in the chrome browser, the button "more" is shown

17048 The reminder "related text needs to be modified" pops out when migrating data

17023 Reduce the entry for adding software requirements under the project requirement

16841 Priority names are too long to show properly with the bug names (overlap)

16718 Demand name control is not wide enough

16662 Associated products are not listed automatically when creating a repository

16646 Wrong product display in the document's product library

16575 On the page "Edit execution", associating an expired plan needs to be consistent with the logic for creating an association

16313 Incorrect display of required fields if the classic mode is upgraded

16299 The "closed" needs to be removed from the dropdown menu of the product owners when

batch editing in the program

16264 Displaying problems with the icon of the task, bugs, etc after closing the module tree on the left

16207 There is no floating menu of the catalog and interface in the interface library

16204 It will go to the "Product" -- "Doc" when editing the document in "Doc" -- "Product Library"

16114 Errors pop out after switching versions of interfaces in the interface library

16102 The programs are not shown for several projects under the project Kanban

16004 In the classic mode, no data in the drop-down menu when editing the associated products in a project

15823 Errors about the Project Kanban reported when the versions are upgraded to 15.5 or above with the extension Gantt plugged in

15554 The sizes of some documents are not shown

15517 The executions under the projects are deleted together when deleting the projects

15269 Errors about the project document pop out due to the issues of privilege

15064 The mouse hovers and flickers in the drop-down menu of the program

14981 Clicking on the project in the program Kanban but can't go to the detail page of the corresponding project

14595 Errors pop out when copying the team with a long name in the team management module

14573 The progress icons are shown incorrectly in the program list

14560 The styles of the product drop-down components are not the same

14363 Displaying problems are shown in the left top corner when batch editing the case in the case library

14233 Optimize and unify the prompt copy when the document has no data

14134 The working content is not marked as a must-fill-in item when recording the working hours

14090 The codes of the execution/iteration are not shown in the execution/iteration list

14050 Some content is not shown when pasting words in the markdown text box

13910 Errors about the back page in the "Execution" -- "Create Task"

13884 Displaying problems when browsing the markdown type document

13855 The available working days and available working hours of team members are not verified

13031 The category button is shown on the document page even without the module privilege assigned

12951 Only the data of the current page is folded up when clicking the button "fold all"

12790 The jumped page after batch executing the case needs to be adjusted

12671 The "Priority" on the page "Create Case" exceeds the border

12655 Restoring defaults does not take effect for hiding and showing closed and canceled columns

12638 The drop-down menu of the related requirement on the page "Edit Bug" exceeds the border

12617 The simple table set in the list only can be scrolled at the bottom of the list

12475 The working hours are shown in the task list even selecting the function point estimation method

12419 Tasks are able to be created in the closed projects

12390 The bugs are shown on the solved bug list in the previous version even the solved version of the bugs is edited and modified

12313 No data is shown when clicking to view the document in the latest news on the home page

12086 On the page linking the requirement to the projects, the operation select all will be performed simultaneously with ID sorting

11997 The page is stuck when batch reporting bugs

11983 Unable to access projects after setting up the project team

11784 Data with an empty effort name shown in the effort input list in the program

11673 The stage field is shown in the user story

11668 Iterations associated with the requirements detail page history are not clickable

11323 The list of legacy bugs appears folded on the page product release

11322 The list of completed software requirements appears folded on the page release details

11138 The status of the tasks is not shown completely in the task list

11009 The sub-requirement module in multiplatform can't be edited properly


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