ZenTao 16.5.beta1 is Launched

2022-03-21 10:12:00
Summary : Hello and welcome to ZenTao 16.5.beta1! We have added the concept of the interface, provided the lite interface, and integrated the feature of interface switching since ZenTao 16.5. Download and try it free!

ZenTao 16.5.beta1 is Launched

Hello and welcome to ZenTao 16.5.beta1! We have integrated the feature of interface switching since ZenTao 16.5. The interface is a reorganization of ZenTao features. Let's take an example of the default interface -- R&D Interface, you can see all the developer-related features on this page. Based on the R&D Interface, we have integrated the Lite Interface with more streamlined features in ZenTao 16.5.beta 1, which is convenient for the non-developer team to do the project management.


The features of the Lite Interface include project management, OA management, Kanban management, Doc, system and etc. Besides, we are going to launch other interfaces for multiple roles in the near future, such as the Developer Exclusive Interface, Testing Exclusive Interface, Product Owner Exclusive Interface and etc.

The Main Performance Improvements of ZenTao 16.5.beta1:

  • Lite Interface is newly added. Support the switching between the R&D Interface and Lite Interface.
  • The features of the Lite Interface include project management, OA management, Kanban management, Doc, system and etc.
  • The extension mechanism is upgraded. The new version is not only compatible with historical extensions while supporting the display of multiple interfaces but also compatible with subsequent custom development.

Welcome to download and try!

Modify Record

Completed requirement

50241 Add requirement/task/bug delete function in Professional R&D Kanban

50240 Add requirement/task/bug delete function in Scrum Kanban

49889 Requirement categories on the creating requirements page are displayed uniformly as requirement types

49888 When there are multiple lanes with shared columns in the lane group, the selection of the lanes is added to which they belong on the creation page

49886 On the page of the Software Requirement list, back to the requirement list after creating a requirement.

49883 A single plan can be closed

49882 Add logo in front of a sub-plan in the plan list

49881 Minimum width of the plan name field is 250px in the plan list

49880 The format in the plan rich text box is incorrectly formatted in the plan list description

49696 Bugs can be imported in the professional R&D Kanban task lane

49695 Task in the professional R&D Kanban can be operated through more buttons

49694 Bug in the professional R&D Kanban can be operated through more buttons

49693 Requirement in the professional R&D Kanban can be operated through more buttons

49692 Added space type adjustment on the Settings page

49318 Import use cases from the use case library, confirm the page branch platform column default as above

49303 When the branch function is not enabled in the plan, the height of the kanban board can be adaptively displayed according to the height of the browser

49302 Added batch adjustment status function to plan list

49301 The number of items displayed after the item list label in classic mode

49299 When multiple products are linked to the execution, the bulk create requirement function is not available under all product conditions

49298 When the Kanban is linked to multiple products, the product selection function is provided in the batch request page

49297 Professional R&D Kanban provides the product selection function when submitting multiple products on the Bug page in batches

49296 Add a drop-down option for the parent requirement on the Add Requirement page

49295 Display the specific person's name when there is no avatar in the system

49294 Add a button to cancel the review on the details page of the requirements that have been submitted for review

49293 Adjust the scope of message notification after requirements change

49292 When redefining the privileges of a project, the creator and the project manager will take the system privileges

49289 Added plan status field to plan details

49286 You can set the saved search criteria as public search criteria

49285 Multiple IDs can be specified for searching by number

49284 Add the condition of adding activation date to search

49283 Priority P in the list is displayed as the priority when the mouse hovers

49282 In the execution Kanban, add a deferred flag to the deferred execution

49281 Bulk creation of requirements pages reviewed by whom can be selected by default as above

49280 Add the delayed flag for postponed items in the project Kanban

Fixed bug

19646 Error reported when viewing the software requirement and settings in the imported Jira data

19639 The related attachment of the imported Jira data is not shown in the task

19614 When importing Jira data from a file, users can't continue after clicking next without importing the file

19592 The style of the pop-up window with the saved successfully information when editing requirement concept need to be adjusted

19565 Re-importing a new database without clearing the jirafile under tmp will result in a code error

19557 Error reported when creating a product

19506 The relevant test report in the submit test page can only be selected under the current version of the test report

19471 Incorrect display on the Add Stakeholder page of the program

19445 The title of the mouse hovering bug to be processed is not displayed completely

19408 Errors reported when importing case template in multi-branch product

19389 Errors were reported when selecting the custom area of a Kanban in the Kanban project

19383 Only 1,000 projects can be synced after integrated Gitlab

19335 Error reported when going to the GitLab project list under php74

19327 In the R&D Kanban, the "iteration" is not reasonable on the page of linking requirement according to the plan

19323 Click Save but can't automatically go to the next page after changing the avatar if the user name contains special characters such as "," and "."

19307 The title of the closed Kanban project in the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the project is shown incorrectly

19306 Error reported when clicking Finish of the Task and Bug to-do in My -- Calendar

19255 The execution belongs is shown when creating Bug in Kanban

19249 The style of the setting page of the requirement concept is not correctly

19161 The archive feature is turned off by default

19137 The theme of ZenTao can't be set

18741 The close reason for the requirement to be reviewed is not linked to the Edit page

18305 The prompt is about editing when starting a Bug-type To-do in My -- Calendar

17336 The linked requirements are shown when the Software Requirement is linked to the project

17312 Save and Back buttons are not centered on the form


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Interface switching 

Lite Interface


Installation Manual

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