FAQ: Can I move bugs from one project to another?

2019-07-04 15:02:00
Mirai Ten

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Bug tracking is essential to product management. Some ZenTao users asked questions like whether they can move bugs from one project to the other.

I suppose that I can move/copy bugs and test cases from projects to another and from sprint to another. Can I do that?

In the question mentioned above, there are two items involved, bugs and test cases.


Bugs in ZenTao are linked to projects and stories as you can see the linked bugs on the page of project, etc. When a bug is reported, its related product, project, story and task can be selected as reference to understand the bug.

Sometimes users are confused about the concept of Linked Bug. Generally speaking, a linked bug is a bug found du ring the timeframe of a project and is relevant to the project. Linked bugs are not bugs that have to be resolved in this project. It is universal that major bugs have to be fixed with top priority while some minor bugs can wait and be fixed in the next sprint. So the next question would be what to do with the minor bugs? The solution in ZenTao is

  • create a new project;
  • go to Project-Task and import bugs to the project;
  • bugs imported will be tasks to be done in the project and the task title marked with the relevant information of the bug ;
  • users will be asked whether they want to change the status of the relevant bug when the task is finished.


As a QA team, you might be used to write test cases for a single feature of an application. You start scratching from the very beginning every time you have to test it. However, is it necessary? Test cases can be reused to test features that are common in different applications, such as login. ZenTao users can group test cases into test suite or manage cases in case libraries, so work efficiency will much improved.

  • Test Suite

  • Case Library

If you want to know more about test case reuse and case management, you can try ZenTao online demo HERE. Or download the right version for you and your team HERE.

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