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Serving 30,000+ teams

Serving 200,000+ projects

Serving 800,000+ developers


Application Lifecycle Management

Zero downtime upgrades

Integrate Git and SVN

Word and Excel import & export

View / Edit / Diff document online


For small / medium sized SEMs

For Agile and Waterfall

Flexible module combination

Easy customization


Out of the box, less configuration

Affordable price for small team

Design to support Scrum practice

For Agile but not limited to Agile


ZenTao team has involved in open source since 2004

Frequent releases and free upgrade

Quick and powerful support for 20,000+companies

Free & Open

Open source and unlimited to commercial use

Robust extensions and various plug-ins

Available on GitHub

Lifetime Free Plan Available to ZenTao Cloud

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Open Source

Free application lifecycle solution for agile teams

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No restrictions to commercial use

Story, task, bug and case management

Testing, document, release management

CI management: SVN, Git and Jenkins

ZenTao Pro

Sophisticated agile project management features

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All Open Source features

SVN/Git integration, code review

Gantt Charts, Calendar, Effort

Report: customization and export

MS Word/Excel import & export

Mobile Apps & LDAP support

Professional technical support

ZenTao Biz

Continuously optimized features for all-round support

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All Professional features

OPS management

Attendance management

Feedback management

Preview/Diff/Edit document online

Customized workflow

ZenTao Cloud

Manage your projects anytime anywhere

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All Professional features

Get Started by one click

No hardware & maintenance free

Built-in SVN and Git

Daily backup

Switch to self-hosted anytime

Exclusive Features

ZenTao premium versions offer you advanced features which streamline your project management and improve your work efficiency.

Product Management



Routine Management

My Todo/Task/Bug

My Story/Project

OPS Management

Server Room/Network Topology


Launch Plan/Steps

Feedback Management

Feedback to Story/Bug

Reply feedback

Sprint Management


Burndown Chart/Kanban

Document Management

Preview/Edit/Diff documents Online

Product/Project/Customized document Library

Source Code Management

Integrated with Git and SVN

Review/Comment code online

Link to story/task/bug

Attendance Management



Powerful Desktop
Integration for ZenTao

Manage your project anytime any where and keep your team members on the same page.

Create, edit, and track via ZenTao Desktop and get notified if any changes in ZenTao.

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