ZenTao Max 4.3 (Russian) is released!

2024-05-20 17:25:10
Summary : Hello and welcome to ZenTao Max 4.3 Russian edition !

1. Download

One-Click Installs for Windows (Recommended)

Classic 64 bit 

(Note: The Windows pack has to unzip to root directory such as c:\ or d:\)

One-Click Installs for Linux
64 bit (Note: The Linux pack has to upzip to /opt)

Once ZenTao is installed successfully, you can log in ZenTao with the default account admin and password 123456.

2. Help

Installation Manual

Update Manual

Hello and welcome to ZenTao Max 4.3! As usual. Language item customization is added in Develop module in Admin, which supports the definition of language items for menus and search tags, allowing ZenTao to better match the industry you are in; Editor functionality is built in the Develop module, which allows users to turn it on with one single click.


With continuous optimization and regular updates, ZenTao is always on the way.


Some data about this release:

3. New features in this release


  • Language items can be customized in the Develop module in Admin.
  • Editor functionality is built in the Develop module. Users no longer need to download and install plug-ins.

Click here to view the full list of user stories and fixed bugs in this release.

4. Screenshots

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