ZenTao Open Source 12.5.2 is released

2020-12-23 17:49:43
ZenTao Official

ZenTao Open Source 12.5.2 is released. This release is to fix bugs.


3744 Error prompts after searching stories.
3740 Deleted Job in the Recycle. Its type and name are not displayed.
3737 CNVD-C-2020-287511 CNVD-C-2020-286783 CNVD-C-2020-286963 command insertion vulnerabilities.
3732 OPS-Online steps. Click the title to enter the details page, language items are not changed accordingly in the History.
3730 Company-User. The style of the table header and the displayed are not consistent.
3725 Linux one-click package. Change “Retart” to “Restart”.
3722 Uploaded files are not displayed in the product document library.
3720 Removed linked stories/bugs from a build are not recored in the same format in the database.
3719 Test Request-Linkedi Product cannot be edited.
3715 Batch assign stories. Search box is empty but it still can do search.
3714 Paging error.
3713 CNVD-C-2020-281405 CMS command loophole.
3708 Task list page and detail page. Child Task action buttons are not in the same order.
3707 My Dashboard. Error prompts when adding a todo.
3704 Editor. Anchor name is not saved.
3703 Build. Search error.
3701 Users can check information in Company-User without the related privilege.
3699 Page footer error on Linked Case page of a task.
3698 Edite required fields of a task, then its parent cannot be saved.
3697 Required field error in Convert to Bug page of a case.
3693 User information checking error.

3692 Draft story. Change it, then Reiewedby and AssignedTo are cleared.

3691 Convert Todo to Task. Description of the todo is not sync.

3690 Bug type error in the integrated code review.
3689 Request-Case. Cases are not displayed right.
3688 Batch edit tasks and the close time is not updated.
3687 Edit a task. Edited time is not saved if not chosen manually.
3686 Bug exported time is not saved.
3685 Data on report detail page and that on edit pge are not the same.
3684 Decompose story page. Field error.
3680 Request. The list is not displayed right.
3679 Links in the Email notification is not the same as that in ZenTao.
3678 Linked Bug page. ID error.
3677 Recreate a test, but the build is not the same as the previous one.
3675 Data on the test report page is not the same as that on the page.
3674 Edite a linked product, but failed to work.
3669 Duplicated closed actions recored in the History of a task.
3668 Case information exported is not right.
3667 Dashboard-Bug-AssignedTo. Bugs assigned to me are not displayed.
3666 Dashboard-Story ReviewedByMe is not archived.

3660 Efforts on the Project Overview page is not right.

3659 QTVA-2020-1548464 command vulnerability.

3658 CNVD-C-2020-224623 _Backend vulnerability.
3657 CNVD-C-2020-258606 _CMS read file vulnerability.
3656 CNVD-C-2020-255650 ZT open source 12.4.3 - file download vulnerability.
3649 CNVD-2017-04121--Backend design vulerability.
3646 Request. Select a case and the display is not right.
3644 Custom-Develop database name is not the same as that of the actul function name.
3642 Request. Click Copy Linked Cases, then the wrong data displayed.
3640 Bug activation history error.
3636 Batch edit tasks. AssignTo field is wrong.
3629 Project-Bug Create and Bug AssignedTo by default are not displayed.
3627 Task block error.
3624 Parent task status error.
3568 Windows and Linux one-click installation for Japanese users. No jump page after installation.


Source Code Package

       Official Website

One-Click Installation Package for Windows

  • Windows 64 bit one-click installation

       Official Website

  • Windows 32 bit one-click installation

       Official Website

  • Windows one-click installation (No security Settings)

       Official Website

One-Click Installation Packages for Linux (unzip to /opt )

  • Linux 64 bit one-click installation (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+)

       Official Website

  • Linux 32 bit one-click installation (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+)

      Official Website

  • Linux 64 bit one-click installation  (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)

       Official Website

  • Linux 32 bit one-click installation (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)

       Official Website

PHP package

  • DEB package:     Official Website

    Install in Ubuntu and Debian via dpkg package manager

  • RPM package:     Official Website

    Install in Centos via rpm package manager


 Installation Manual

 Update Manual

If you have any questions, contact troy@easycorp.ltd for help.

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