ZenTao 11.2 is released!

2019-01-29 11:20:00

ZenTao 11.2 is released! This release is to optimize details and to fix bugs.

Installation and Upgrade Manual

Change Log


3553 Integrate Xuanxuan 2.4.

3552 Database should be checked after upgrading.

3542 Configure methods and define the parameters that passed in Create and Edit interface.

3541 Remove the code that is for Xuanxuan configuration and related to xxd.

3540 Adjust the style of Story, Tasks, and Bug priority.

3537 Enhance the prompts for information input.

3531 dockerfile. Add the restoration of directory privileges in initial scripts.

3530 Product Dropdown menu should be the same as in Navigation/Menu.

3529 Display Milestones in Release List.

3527 Restore the privileges of the directory when starting zbox.

3526 Built-in manual should use https.

3460 Count in the bugs that have been converted to task when reporting.

3060 Add upgrade logs.


2397 Optimize upgrading.

2396 Error in cron backup.

2394 Dynamic is not displayed at all if the user has no privilege to view.

2393 IE11. An incompatible issue in Rich Text Editor.

2392 My Dashboard. The number of projects is not the same as the number in project list.

2391 Linked module issue when reporting a bug/case for a multi-platform product.

2390 Failed to move and sync document library categories.

2389 List deleted users and it cannot be saved.

2387 xxd can't run in glibc2.12.

2386 ZenTao client. Server configuration page prompt error.

2385 ZenTao client visit the tutorial and it is blank.

2384 Public custom navigation can't be saved.

2383 Optimize the prompt when downloading the ZenTao client.

2382 ZenTao client. Change user information but it cannot be saved.

2379 Open ZenTao client in a browser and the link is requested infinitely.

2378 When a case is run and failed, the next case won't be started.

2377 Batch edit user can't be edited if the position is blank.

2376 Newly added module will be listed at the end of the list.

2375 ZenTao Client. Add User is dysfunctioned.

2374 Inaccurate report on Workload Statement.

2373 The number of bugs on My Dashboard is not the same as that in bug lists.

2370 Privileges related to Doc Lib cannot be saved.

2369 Batch decompose story. HTML entity encode.

2368 Close button of the prompt disappeared.

2367 Remove a story from the list, but it is not calculated in the total at the bottom of the list.

2366 Change password for ZenTao Client, then the user can't log in.

2364 Unlinked product for a story will show when managing the project.

2363 Batch create cases. Change the linked modules, then the related story can't be selected.

2360 Input box is abnormal in ZenTao Client.

2359 User with no comment privilege can comment.

2354 Limited users can assign on a list page.

2334 Back up large files and error.

2314 Story report error.

2235 Custom job positions and it is not changed when adding a user for a project and select the custom job position.


Source Code Package



One-Click Package with Integrated Runtime

It is for the first-time installation ONLY. Do NOT download it to upgrade ZenTao.

    • Windows 64 bit one-click installation



    • Windows 32 bit one-click installation



    • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)



    • DEB:use dpkg manager to install in Ubuntu/Debian



    • RPM:use rpm manager to install in Centos




If you have questions, contact us at [email protected].

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