ZenTao Enterprise 2.4 is released!

2018-12-03 09:56:00

ZenTao Enterprise 2.4 has been released! This release is mainly to optimize the Feedback feature in ZenTao Enterprise.

ZenTao Enterprise Features

  • Integrated with ZenTao open source ZenTao 10.6.stable. Click to see ZenTao ZenTao 10.6.stable Change Log.
  • Integrated with ZenTao Pro 7.5.1. Click to see ZenTao Pro 7.5.1 Change Log.
  • Optimize the Feedback feature.

Change Log

7147 Add a notification to note the feedback that is related to a duplicated story.

7146 Add a Type field to categorize the feedback.

7143 Add Mailto in Feedback.

7141 Feedback->Privilege. Add Batch Assign Privilege to non-developer users.

7137 Add a Search feature for the non-developer interface.

7136 Manage all privileges that are related to licensed products in Feedback->Privilege.

7148 Add Batch Assign feature in Feedback.

7145 Add Create Feedback for developer users.

7144 Add Feedback By to Product Overview.

7142 Add an attribution to mark the feedback user.

7140 Add Upload File feature to Ask.

7139 Add Batch actions in Feedback.

7138 Delete a feedback if a user has the related privilege in any interface.


One-Click Package( Packages for Linux have to be unzipped to /opt )

Note: The free trial is up to 3 users and 6 months. It expires on April 2, 2019.

      • Windows one-click installation(No security Settings)


      • Linux 64 bit one-click installation


      • Linux 32 bit one-click installation


    PHP package

    If you have any questions or would like to get a free trial for more than three users, contact Philip@cnezsoft.com for help.

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