ZenTao Pro requires to install Ioncube issue
2019-02-12 09:42:56
Michael Lang
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We ended-up to a situation where Ioncube was not working thus our server infrastructure which is aarch64 and of course x86 or aarch32 loaders did not work there.

I also notice that on your iobcube.pph file source code is not recognizing aarch64 hardware setup or at least this HW family is not mentioned on source code like other HW families. So I don't know do you need to tweak your code as well to add support of it, or can it be running normally with current code.
2019-02-12 13:28:23
Fei Teng
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ZenTao Pro and Enterprise are encrypted by Ioncube. So you have to install Ioncube to use ZenTao Pro/Enterprise.  The manual can be found HERE.

What you mentioned about Hardware that is not recognized is to be solved by Ioncube and it is suggested that you try the latest version of the encryption/decryption software. If more questions, you can write to [email protected] or add [email protected] on Skype for a faster response and support.