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2016-06-17 09:40:21
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The key code of ZenTao Pro is encrypted by Ioncube, an encryption software ( HTML, CSS, JS, configuration, and language are open source). Therefore, you have to install ioncube to run ZenTao Pro.

1. Download loader-wizard.php

 (support php5.3, php5.4, php5.5, php5.6, PHP 7.0)

Ioncube provides a setup wizard which is very convenient to help detect the PHP environment and automatically give tips.
1.1 Download loader-wizard from

1.2 After downloading, extract it to the WWW or HtDocs directory of Apache.

2. Run loader-wizard.php

2.1 Use browser to open the loader-wizard.php, for example, http://localhost/loader-wizard.php. Change it to the path according to the actual situation.

2.2 The loader will automatically give tips after calculation. The screenshot below is just an example, and you have to follow the instructions shown on your website when visiting loader-wizard,php.

  • Download the corresponding decryption software according to the tips given by this wizard.
  • Place the downloaded decryption software in the assigned directory.
  • Download new php.ini file generated by Wizard and replace the original php.ini file. (Note: If you are prompted to download and save a file, the name of which starts with 00-ioncube. Download it and copy the code of the file to the very beginning of php.ini. Then save php.ini. Do NOT copy the 00-ioncube file to your server. )
  • Restart Apache.

2.3 Check whether the installation is successful

Restart Apache and access the loader.php again. If the installation is successful, it will show as below.

The decryption software has been installed successfully if you see this page.
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