Students Open Source Conference 2019

2019-08-06 14:12:00
John Ten
Student Open Source Conference(sosconf) is organized by an international community of students, who have also contributed to events such as TEDx, FOSSASIA, Jugaad Fest and IBM Developer Day. Some are members of Society of Opening Source SC (a student organization at University of Southern California), and some are members of Opening Source Org. On the other hand, only students are eligible to be speakers and volunteers, but anyone can participate. The supporters and supervisors include active community members such as the convenor of GNOME.Asia, and also include professors from colleges in multiple countries.

sosconf is the very first student-held, student-centered international conference focusing on open source. It will be a great opportunity for students around the world to gather, connect and learn from each other. For companies and organizations, it will be a chance to show their commitment to open source and to search for student talents.

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