Effort extentsion in ZenTao.

It is extentsion to create a calendar for Effort in ZenTao.

Efforts can be exported.

  • If you use ZenTao open source and use Effort extension, you can export it as CSV files.
  • If you use ZenTao open source and use Effort and Excel Import/Export extensions, you can export Excel files.

1. Install through the buildin extension manager

1.1 Log in ZenTao as Administrator. Visit the Admin->Extension.
1.2 Go to the Get page, search for this extension.
1.3 Click the AutoInstall and begin the installation.

2. Manual installation

Unzip this package and copy files under module directory to the zentao/module.

This extension requires Ioncube Loader. Click Install Ioncube

Effort Calendar

5.4(2020-03-03 21:14:18)

Synchronized with the latest open source version.
Category Feature Extension
Extension Effort
Code effort
Price Annual : $129.99   Lifetime : $289.99
Version 5.4
Compatible 12.0
Type Feature
Author shiyangyang
Email tengfei@easycorp.ltd
Website http://www.zentao.pm
Tag effort calendar
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