ZenTao Biz 6.3 is released

2022-02-10 09:22:46
Summary : Hello everyone! ZenTao Biz 6.3 is released and it is compatible with ZenTao Open Source 16.3.

ZenTao Biz 6.3 is released

Hello everyone! ZenTao Biz 6.3 is released and it is compatible with ZenTao Open Source 16.3. This release mainly enhances the functionality and usability of the General Kanban. Several new features have been added to the General Kanban to optimize the user experience, including Kanban supports related plans, releases, builds and iterations in associated projects; Customized column widths and lane heights are supported; Cards can be set to completion status; Cards can be sorted by dragging them up and down in columns; The style of an existing Kanban can be copied when creating a new one. These further enhance the management capabilities of General Kanban.

The improved feature of ZenTao 16.3 mainly includes:

  • Kanban adds the function to link to plans/releases/builds/iterations, which makes it easier for users to plan the project as a whole in Kanban.
  • The style of an existing Kanban can be copied when creating a new one, which can improve the reuse of Kanban and improve the creating efficiency.
  • The General Kanban supports the completion function, which is convenient for users to enable or disable the card status function as required. Once enabled, the completion status can also be distinguished by the card.
  • Kanban supports the setting of column width and lane height, which can make the display of Kanban more flexible and beautiful.
  • Support for creating cards in batches and selecting the lanes to which they belong, which can improve the efficiency of card creation.
  • The Kanban space adds a private/collaborative/public space function so that users can easily manage their affairs according to the different types of space.
  • The cards in the columns can be sorted by dragging them up and down, and the columns can be sorted by dragging them left and right in the swim lane, making the Kanban operation more flexible.
  • As well as many optimizations such as smooth refresh of Kanban, import of other Kanban cards, and operations related to zones/lanes/columns are not recorded in system dynamics.

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ZenTao Biz Series has more powerful functions based on the ZenTao Open Source Edition. It also expands horizontally based on the project management process and covers more roles. On the one hand, ZenTao Biz Series provides more complete services for enterprises and its enhanced functions are more suitable for the internal process management of the companies. On the other hand, ZenTao Biz Series has more added functions such as operation and maintenance management, OA office management, feedback management, as well as document version management, and online preview. It can support the customer's related work more effectively outside the R&D management process, and provide more comprehensive support on the project management process.

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