Learn more about the ZenTao Biz

Summary : Learn more about the ZenTao Biz

Task Effort

It is convenient to view the cost and left of each task.

Richer Statistical Report

In the statistics view, you can summarize the data of products, projects, tests and organizations, and present the data from multiple dimensions through reports.

Feedback Management

The feedback function of ZenTao Biz can be used to manage the after-sales service and technical support of delivered products.

Set the internal personnel of the company, such as customer service personnel, as non R&D users and submit the questions and opinions fed back by customers. Party A, partners and other external members of customized projects can also be set as non R&D users to submit product related problems.

For the submitted questions, the R&D personnel can directly reply, transfer requirements and transfer bugs.

MS Word/Excel Import & Export

Import and export Requirement, Task, Bug, Use Case more conveniently and export Product Requirement and Test Report in Word format.

Task Gantt Chart


ZenTao Biz has a calendar which is more intuitive to view private schedules and projects. You can find calendars on the page below.

Customized Workflow

ZenTao Biz has added the Flow feature. You can customize it so to make ZenTao fit your workflow.Fields, actions, layout and data as built in ZenTao can be customized and used to extend rewrite ZenTao built-in workflows.

Preview/Diff/Edit Document Online

Integrating the collobora office

Online preview, online editing, and collaborative editing of attached documents.

LDAP Support

By configuring LDAP, auto login to LDAP server is integrated with ZenTao. User accounts can also be imported from LDAP.

Code Review

ZenTao Biz version provides more comprehensive SVN Git integration. You can browse the file directory in the source code through the web interface, view repair records, and perform comparison operations. And it has built-in code review capabilities in "DevOps".

OPS management

Ops management module in ZenTao is to manage hosts and servers, including physical network, software and hardware, and business systems which provide services.

Attendance Office

Attendance, Ask for leave, Make-up work, Work overtime, Days off, Days off transition, and Approval.