ZenTao 16.0 is released

2022-01-05 15:51:27
Summary : Hello everyone! ZenTao 16.0 is released. We have added the Waterfall model, general-purpose Kanban, Chat on-line function, and offering a new desktop client.

Hello everyone! ZenTao 16.0 is released. 16 series of ZenTao is a new starting point. Zen Tao has gone through many iterations and continuous optimization since 2019. It has changed from simply supporting Agile to supporting Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, and other project management models, from a single research and development process management tool to a more complete project management platform.

ZenTao has added the Programme and Execution concept, increased support for the three project management models of Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban, and provided end-to-end integrated DevOps solutions and automated test management solutions. At the same time, different ways of experience and new desktop clients have been added, you can click the message card and notification card to quickly jump to the corresponding page of ZenTao.

ZenTao will continue to work steadily and focus on users' experience in the future, we will continue to meet users' needs based on optimizing the existing features. We will produce more official plug-ins, course support services, and technical support services to respond to users' individual needs and deliver more professional project management solutions!

This release has upgraded the project management model and added a waterfall management model. Users can choose the management model according to actual needs, which enhances project management flexibility.

Optimized the execution of the Kanban function, users can manage requirements, tasks, and bugs separately through Kanban, which greatly enhances the visibility of the project management process.

Provided a brand new Desktop, through which users can communicate efficiently and access ZenTao conveniently.

Added the general-purpose Kanban function which is very flexible and can be highly customized. Daily affairs can be managed through General-purpose Kanban. It provides users with a unified team collaboration platform.

ZenTao API with the RESTful style has been added, which makes it easier to use. After upgrading to version 16, you can view the latest version of the ZenTao interface document in Doc-API Document.

Support for PHP 8.0 has been added.

The improved function of ZenTao 16.0 mainly includes:

  • A new general-purpose Kanban function has been added, and non-R&D users can also use ZenTao to collaborate in teams.
  • The entrance of ZenTao functions has been added in the left navigation of the Desktop. Users can access ZenTao more conveniently through the left navigation.
  • The notification merging mechanism has been optimized in the Desktop, which avoids the interference of multiple single notifications to users.
  • You can quickly jump to the corresponding page of ZenTao by clicking the message card or notification card on the Desktop.
  • The requirement/bug/task list and product associate can be shown as cards on the Desktop.
  • The waterfall model has been integrated into ZenTao, which adds a new tool and a new method in project management.
  • The function of state management and branch merging has been added to the branch, planning to modify the branches in batches, which improves the flexibility of branch management.
  • The interface library has been added to the document. Users can manage API documents in the interface library and maintain the API document version.
  • The Kanban function is optimized. Make it available to update and monitor the requirements, tasks, and bugs. The management method is more transparent and efficient.
  • Add the record of actual start time and actual completion time to the project and execution, making sure the project's complete cycle and execution are more accurate.
  • Add the state of linkage to start state of execution, project, and item set to reduce unnecessary manual operations.
  • Add shortcuts to the documents to reduce users’ operation paths and improve the efficiency of document maintenance.
  • You can add and view the functions of GitLab branches, which is convenient to configure and manage code library branches in ZenTao.
  • You can set the function of GitLab branch protection, which is convenient to configure and manage branch privilege in ZenTao.

Welcome to download and upgrade.

Modified Records

Completed requirements

45815 Implement Kanban space view

45816 Implement space creation/setting function

45817 Implement the creation function of Kanban

45818 Implement the default view of the Kanban

45819 Implement the function of adding cards to Kanban

45820 Implement the function of viewing card details

45821 Print the setting menu of Kanban

45822 Implement the new swim lane function

45823 Implement the function of closing Kanban

45824 Print column more settings menu

45825 Implement the edit column function

45826 Implement the work-in-process restriction setting function of the column

45827 Implement the new column function

45828 More settings menu for printing cards

45829 Implement the function of editing cards

45830 Implement the function of editing swim lanes

45831 Implement the Kanban setting function

46146 Implement more setting operations for kanban cards

46147 Implement the full-screen viewing function of Kanban

46148 Implement functions of adding new regional

46149 Print area more settings drop-down menu

46150 Implement the editing function of the area

46151 Implement the function of column splitting into sub-columns

46152 Implement the delete column function

46153 Implement the function of card sorting

46154 Implement the function of deleting a card

46155 Implement the function of moving a card

46156 Implement the function of setting card color

46157 Implement area drag sorting function

46158 Implement the swimming lane drag sort function

46159 Implement column drag sort function

46160 Implement the function of deleting swim lanes

46161 Implement the drag sorting function of the swim lane group

46162 Implement the area expand/collapse function

46163 Implement the display style of the card

46164 The ready column in the required swimlane can be dragged in and out of the card

46165 Bug card can be dragged and displayed in the middle column and test column in the bug swim lane

46240 Implement the delete area function

46241 Implement the function of viewing archived columns

46242 Implement the function of viewing archived cards

46243 Implement the archive column function

46244 Implement the function of archiving card

46245 Add a Kanban and space button to the global add drop-down menu

46246 Implement the function of viewing archived information in the area

29424 Allowing users to create tasks when reviewing merge requests in ZenTao

29388 Modify and edit the GitLab user page to bind ZenTao users

29387 Change GitLab user list icon

29301 Add an entry button to view the branch on the ZenTao GitLab project list page

29289 Implement the function of setting GitLab branch protection in ZenTao

26551 Implement the branch function of adding GitLab codebase in ZenTao

29613 Z tool merges any branch process technical solution

29609 Implement the help function of Z tool

29601 Implement the function of Z tool to trigger the execution of the specified pipeline/build task

29599 Implement the interface for querying the local merge check settings of the ZenTao code base branch

29597 Implement the interface to update the ZenTao merge request

29573 Implement the function of local merging of the specified source branch and target branch code by the Z tool

29544 Implement the function of automatically deleting the source branch after merging the code in ZenTao

29531 Implement the function of creating GitLab tags in ZenTao

29528 Implement the function of deleting GitLab tags in ZenTao

29439 Implement ZenTao plug-in with Z tool switch

29303 Implement the function of viewing the GitLab tag list in ZenTao

29637 Merged markdown parsing function

29182 The closed branch status is displayed in the branch drop-down menu

28736 Add the project field to the execution list

25209 When the release is saved, the user is prompted whether to associate the developed requirements and the resolved bugs in the version to the release

15471 Added reminder for postponed tasks

14777 Provides branch merge function

14773 When the plan is to modify the branch, the conflicting requirements are listed to remind that the branch will be removed from the plan after the modified branch

29130 When it comes to the request to access the back-end index.php, it needs to be compatible with the back-end index.php access method is PATH_INFO

29126 Optimize the floating label and more buttons in the left navigation bar

29096 The navigation of merging Xuanxuan with ZenTao

29013 Optimize the layout of the card content on the Zen Tao requirement/Bug/task details page

29011 Implement the function of dynamically changing the size of commonly used Zen Tao message cards with the chat window

29009 Optimize the scroll bar styles of commonly used Zen Tao message cards

28958 Add a full-screen button for the video in the meeting

28942 ZenTao webpage allows you to log in to any number of Xuanxuan webpages

25907 Upgrade to Flutter 2, pay attention to migration to air security

29225 Implement the function of clicking on the Zen Tao card to jump to the corresponding page of Zen Tao

29222 Implement the function of clicking on the ZenTao notification card to jump to the corresponding page of ZenTao

29187 Implementation of Zen Tao notification merger mechanism

29185 Implement the expansion function of demand/Bug/task notification

29184 Implement the card style after Zen Tao notice merged

29179 Optimize the card style of ZenTao single notification

29018 Implement the style and function of requirement/Bug/task list card

29017 Implement the product plan card style and function

28937 ZenTao Web terminal displays the Xuanxuan chat window as a floating window

29533 Avoid repeatedly opening the file preview window

29498 The file name before the suffix is selected by default in the pop-up window of Save File As

29496 Optimized the prompt way of opening/opening the folder after saving the picture as

29494 The Xuanxuan language in Zen Tao is consistent with Zen Tao page

29447 The avatar and the "+" in the upper right corner of the ZenTao client page under Windows and Linux move a certain distance to the left

29415 Adjust the default positioning and icon partition of the left navigation of ZenTao client

29414 Optimize the ZenTao icon on the left side of the ZenTao client to make the icon size consistent visually

29413 Do not let users perceive the loading status of the left navigation icon on the ZenTao client

29140 No temporary files will be generated when previewing files


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API Document

General-purpose Kanban

Create space in Kanban

Kanban cards can be dragged and moved

Create a project in Waterfall model

Merging GitLab request


Installation Manual

Update Manual

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