ZenTao Pro 11.0 is released

2022-01-04 20:44:28
Summary : Hello everyone! ZenTao Pro 11.0 is released. The release mainly fixes multiple bugs and is compatible with Open Source 16.0.

Hello everyone! ZenTao Pro 11.0 is released. The release mainly fixes multiple bugs and is compatible with Open Source 16.0.

16 series of ZenTao is a new starting point. Zen Tao has gone through many iterations and continuous optimization since 2019. It has changed from simply supporting Agile to supporting Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, and other project management models, from a single research and development process management tool to a more complete project management platform.

ZenTao has added the concept of project set and execution, increased support for the three project management models of Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban, and provided end-to-end integrated DevOps solutions and automated test management solutions. At the same time, different ways of experience and new desktop clients have been added, you can click the message card and notification card to quickly jump to the corresponding page of ZenTao.

ZenTao will continue to work steadily and focus on users' experience in the future, we will continue to meet users' needs based on optimizing the existing features. We will produce more official plug-ins, course support services, and technical support services to respond to users' individual needs and deliver more professional project management solutions!

This release has upgraded the project management model and added a waterfall management model. Users can choose the management model according to actual needs, which enhances the flexibility of project management.

Optimized the execution of the Kanban function, users can manage requirements, tasks, and bugs separately through Kanban, which greatly enhances the visibility of the project management process.

Provided a brand new desktop client, through which users can communicate efficiently and access ZenTao conveniently.

Added the general-purpose Kanban function which is very flexible and can be highly customized. Daily affairs can be managed through General-purpose Kanban. It provides users with a unified team collaboration platform.

A new function of chat online has been added. Users can communicate and collaborate with team members on ZenTao web pages, which is convenient and efficient.

ZenTao API with the RESTful style has been added, which makes it easier to use. After upgrading to version 11, you can view the latest version of the ZenTao interface document in Doc-API Document.

Support for PHP 8.0 has been added.

The improved function of ZenTao Pro 11.0 mainly includes:

  • A new general-purpose Kanban function has been added, and non-R&D users can also use ZenTao to collaborate in teams.
  • The entrance of ZenTao functions has been added in the left navigation of the desktop client. Users can access ZenTao functions more conveniently through the left navigation.
  • The notification merging mechanism has been optimized in the desktop client, which avoids the interference of multiple single notifications to users.
  • You can quickly jump to the corresponding page of ZenTao by clicking the message card or notification card in the desktop clients.
  • The function of carding list of requirements/bugs/tasks has been added, as well as the product plan.
  • The chat function has been integrated into ZenTao. Users can launch a dialogue and communication in ZenTao web, which is convenient and efficient.
  • The waterfall model has been integrated into ZenTao, which adds a new tool and a new method in project management.
  • The function of state management and branch merging has been added to the branch, planning to modify the branches in batches, which improves the flexibility of branch management.
  • The interface library has been added to the document. Users can manage API documents in the interface library and maintain the API document version.
  • The Kanban function is optimized. Make it available to update and monitor the requirements, tasks, and bugs. The management method is more transparent and efficient.
  • Add the record of actual start time and actual completion time to the project and execution, making sure the project's complete cycle and execution are more accurate.
  • Add the state of linkage to start state of execution, project, and item set to reduce unnecessary manual operations.
  • Add shortcuts to the documents to reduce users’ operation paths and improve the efficiency of document maintenance.
  • You can add and view the functions of GitLab branches, which is convenient to configure and manage code library branches in ZenTao.
  • You can set the function of GitLab branch protection, which is convenient to configure and manage branch privilege in ZenTao.

Welcome to download and try.

ZenTao Pro Edition is a version with enhanced features based on the ZenTao Open-Source Edition. The original intention is to provide better services for IT companies or departments. Its enhanced functions are more suitable for process management within the enterprise.

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