ZenTao 15.7.1 is released

2021-11-12 10:43:45
Summary : Hello, everyone! ZenTao community edition 15.7.1 is released! This release mainly fixes multiple bugs and improves several details. Everyone is welcome to download and upgrade.

ZenTao 15.7.1 is released

Hello, everyone! ZenTao community edition 15.7.1 is released. 

This release mainly fixes multiple bugs and improves several details. Everyone is welcome to download and upgrade.

    Modified Records 

    Fixed Bug

    15835 Create product - incorrect style when selecting the product line.
    15793 When editing an item set, the actual start date should be left blank.
    15792 The start and end time of the child’s plan is not restricted according to the parent’s plan.
    15790 Incorrect iteration creation jump page is scheduled when there is no related project.
    15784 The bug returns the wrong page under the execution test.
    15778 The product list page is displayed incorrectly after the product line has been canceled from the item set.
    15776 Product line cannot be selected when adding products.
    15755 The meaning of " Assign to me " in the site execution list is unclear.
    15754 Batches of bugs can be saved successfully without filling in the required items [Affecting Version].
    15753 The three-level navigation menu of the batch new QA plan is not highlighted in the intranet.
    15746 The document outline can only show the first word, which affects the sense of use.
    15745 The order of Execution-Reminder-Module and Action is reversed.
    15744 The English permission of Background-Notification-Set does not need to be in the past tense.
    15743 In the Product-Requirement, the drop-down menu overflows when a user without creating permission clicks the export button.
    15742 The English word wraps in the Product-Setting page.
    15741 The history record function requires to be optimized after modifying the interface document because the user cannot understand where the modification is made.
    15739 The adding time of the interface in the interface library will change with the update time.
    15737 Statistics view cannot be canceled by permission control.
    15729 There is no search function in new fields when project team members maintain.
    15728 After canceling the note permission, you can still add remarks by editing.
    15723 When clicking on the left navigation bar, sometimes the page redirecting is incorrect.
    15719 The requirements in the review phase cannot be reviewed after clicking search but can be changed.
    15718 When importing requirements into Excel, if you uncheck " No Review ", the imported requirement status is draft and cannot be activated.
    15716 In the test report, the project objectives need to be prompted or explained.
    15715 When sub-task pop-up window is subdivided, there is no task research and development requirement.
    15712 Project Development Requirements will display subdivision requirements.
    15708 In classic mode, the label name on the change requirement page is incorrect.
    15705 After setting " Belonging Products = All Products " in the organization-dynamic search criteria, no data can be searched.
    15702 There are multiple L symbols in the interface multi-layer field.
    15672 After clicking the delete version button, there is no pop-up window for the access restricted promptly.
    15668 An error is displayed when editing an interface with an empty name.
    15667 You can enter a space when creating an interface.
    15664 When catalog maintenance is not possible, the prompt text on the left needs to be optimized.
    15660 The interface library name can be the same.
    15659 When creating a multi-level directory in the interface library, the interface is not displayed clearly.
    15657 The title of the action column of the data structure list is displayed as an interface.
    15467 The display problem of the word" Management Process".
    15287 The task status is not closed when assigned to CLOSED in a batch edit task.
    14559 The copywriting of all products and product lists in the item drop-down requires to be unified.



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