ZenTao 15.5 is released

2021-09-18 17:40:54
Summary : Hello everyone, ZenTao 15.5 is released! This release adds the Kanban view to the program, product, and project secondary navigation. At the same time, it also adds global addition functions, novice guidance, and new function introduction modules. In addition, it also optimizes many function details and implements new APIs and Fix bugs and integrate the latest client. Everyone is welcome to download and upgrade.

ZenTao 15.5 is released

Hello, everyone! ZenTao community edition 15.5 is released. 

This release adds the Kanban view to the program, product, and project secondary navigation. At the same time, it also adds global addition functions, novice guidance, and new function introduction modules. In addition, it also optimizes many function details and implements new APIs and Fix bugs and integrates the latest client. Everyone is welcome to download and upgrade. 

The functional improvements brought to you by version 15.5 include:

  • The Kanban view is added to the secondary navigation of the program, product, and project, which is convenient for users to understand the business progress and overall picture visually;
  • The global add function is added to the right side of the secondary navigation, including to-do, bug, requirement, task, use case, document, execution, project, product, program set, etc., which is convenient for users to perform quick operations and reduce operation paths;
  • Add a novice guidance function to help users quickly understand the ZenTao use process and new function points;
  • Many other detailed functions, including the addition of query conditions for associated execution and unassociated execution in the project requirements list, permission verification when importing data, new function introduction modules and implementation of new APIs, etc.;
  • The client is upgraded to version 4.4.1;
  • Modified records

    Completed requirements:

    28102 Add the function of batch editing projects in the program

    28048 Add more menus to the secondary menu of the execution view

    28042 The project name is displayed before the execution name in the execution list block

    28039 The to-be-processed block uses a drop-down menu to display incomplete object types

    28037 Add a novice guide entry in the welcome overview block and panel

    28034 Realize the novice guidance function of the old version management mode

    28025 Visualize the color of the first column of the large swim lane in the visual board

    28022 Unified list height calculation rules in visual kanban

    28021 Added project kanban menu to the secondary navigation of the project

    28020 Add product kanban menu to secondary navigation of product

    28019 Program Kanban menu is added to the secondary navigation of the program

    28018 Realize the product's Kanban view function

    28017 Realize the Kanban view function of the project

    28016 Realize the Kanban view function of the program

    28014 Realize the global addition function of ZenTao

    27999 Click "Back" on the edit page to return to the list address recorded in the same in-app session

    27927 The execution board will only display one screen by default and then load it down when scrolling

    27888 Project requirements list adds query conditions for associated execution and unassociated execution

    27755 New users install ZenTao 15 version or above the introduction page is displayed

    27518 Project requirements list provides bulk removal of requirements operations

    27452 Adjust the help manual opened in ZenTao

    26226 Adjust the "Task Type" field of the task list to "Type."

    15615 Realize the novice guidance function of the new program management mode

    Fixed bug

    14046 When a member of the project allowlist logs in to the system for the first time, the system reports an error after turning off the Blue Prompt

    14146 The system does not prompt when adding users in batches over the authorized number of the trial version

    14150 International Edition-Authorization reminder documents need to be modified (various scenarios)

    14422 Optimized the upgrade process

    6814 The link address in the notification email is inconsistent with the one filled in ZenTao

    11549 After the DingTalk webhook is configured, abnormal bug information will be created if there are many departures

    13417 No notification after Dingding Robot related products

    13771 The search list is inconsistent with the digital display

    13821 Deleted products can be selected in the product

    13824 An error is reported when choosing to "product" in the permission settings

    13826 "Access Product" setting does not take effect

    13940 The program list page is not displayed correctly when the budget is too large

    13941 If the budget information is too large when editing a program, it will automatically become pending

    13942 The budget figures in the project are incorrectly displayed

    13963 A blank page is loaded when downloading attachments in the attachment library list

    13989 The download is complete but still shows loading

    14007 The newly added group of permissions in the background personnel module is not displayed

    14013 The project to which the publication belongs is missing

    14017 Incorrect display of end date when editing plans in batches

    14028 In the "execution-document," the three-level navigation display error

    14057 Project allowlist members cannot access the execution of the project

    14058 There is a problem with the list display after batch editing the requirements plan

    14108 When completing the task, the completion time should not be earlier than the start time

    14113 "GitLab server" and "GitLab token" are not set as required when creating the repository

    14115 An error is reported when clicking the program link in the "Dynamic."

    14128 Some interfaces of version 15 cannot be called normally

    14137 Application integration access to ZenTao always prompts to initialize settings
    14144 After the old model of Professional Edition 12.1 is upgraded to the new model; the project team members cannot see the main project library
    14147 International Version Theme-Youth Blue should be unified translation with Young Blue on the introductory page
    14148 International version upgrade data merge page options are not aligned
    14149 International version upgrade data merge page program and project fail to distinguish names
    14160 Cannot choose to create task page after maintaining contact
    14161 The plus sign in the requirement description is filtered out
    14162 The drop-down component of the dynamic link page for entering the maintenance stakeholder is missing
    14165 Cannot set an allowlist on the create project and execute page
    14178 Not displayed when creating a product after maintaining the product line
    14179 There are redundant navigation white bars under "Test-Use Case"/"Test Sheet"
    14181 The Requirement list is not updated after adjusting the module of the requirement under the product plan
    14182 The sender shown in the email is not the sender configured in ZenTao
    14197 When entering the bug details page, the navigation jumps 2 times
    14202 The ZenTao client cannot take screenshots of the first screen when an external monitor is connected. Only the external screenshot can be used.
    14211 There is obstruction in the "Create Document Library" page "Group drop-down page."
    14215 The avatar can also be changed by directly closing the cropped page
    14221 "My-waiting-task" is invalid when switching pages after setting the paging
    14222 The password of the batch adding personnel in the background reports an error and cannot be entered.
    14230 Use case history records do not record batch modification records
    14235 The collapse button of the description of the plan list cannot be expanded
    14239 New function permissions are not initialized to the corresponding permission group
    14240 Optimized the icon position of the drop-down component
    14241 Incomplete display of the status field of the task list
    14244 Incorrect prompts for the accessible project during vision maintenance
    14250 Upgrade by product line, fill in the project name without filling in the project name, upgrade data error after saving
    14256 The save button is out of position after clicking the full-screen button
    14257 The location of the prompt message needs to be optimized when editing a document and saving it
    14259 The execution of the Kanban sorting function is abnormal
    14268 Blocking the prompt message when executing "copy allowlist."
    14272 There is a code error on the edit product document page
    14273 The maintenance user controls on the executive team management page can all be deleted
    14277 The main library name of the execution library is not displayed according to the customized iteration/sprint
    14279 There is a code error on the page after clicking the dynamic link to create a document under the iterative library
    14282 Organization-Team page is displayed as a blank screen
    14283 When creating a version, the last deleted version needs to be filtered out
    14284 The document content is not displayed normally when the document save prompt pops up
    14285 When submitting the test, it is not displayed directly after creating the build successfully.
    14291 The circle outside the product data in the test statistics is not displayed
    14292 The operation buttons of the test case page under the project are obstructed
    14365 Work hours can be recorded for future dates in tasks
    14366 The department in the allowlist list under the program set has a new line
    14367 The path prompted on the "Forgot Password" page is not accurate
    14387 The selected records are exported from the list, and there is no data in the exported Excel.
    14389 The second-level navigation of batch editing is not correct.
    14401 International Version-OA-Attendance-"Description" on the pop-up page is not fully displayed
    14402 International Version-OA-Attendance-login and output headers are not fully displayed
    14403 International Edition-Test-BUG-Level 2 navigation typesetting messed up
    14404 International Version-System-Todo-Department drop-down menu is out of the scope of the table
    14405 International Version-Operation and Maintenance-Settings-Language Options and Buttons Misplaced
    14457 When integrated Dingding work message notification, select some users will prompt an error
    14475 The module name is incorrectly displayed when editing tasks in batches

    Function screenshots

    1,Program Kanban

    2,Project Kanban

    3,Product Kanban

    4,Globally add



    Source Code Package Official Website
    One-Click Installation Package for Windows 64 bit 32 bit
    One-Click Installation Packages for Linux
    (unzip to /opt )
    64 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 32 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 64 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-) 32 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)
    PHP Package DEB package RPM package
    ZenTao Desktop Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
    ZenTao Desktop Server Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS


     Installation Manual

     Update Manual

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