A Brief Introduction To The Secondary Development Of ZenTaoPHP

2022-05-09 15:46:41
Last edited by Hongyan on 2022-05-09 16:02:48
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A Brief Introduction To The Secondary Development Of ZenTaoPHP

Each application will involve the plug-in extension of the system itself, as well as the integration with external systems. ZenTaoPHP framework has done sufficient work in these two aspects to facilitate everyone to meet the requirements through secondary development. In terms of development methods, ZenTaoPHP framework provides three methods: extension mechanism, API integration, and Command Line calls.

  • Extension mechanism: You can use PHP, HTML, CSS, or JS code to modify existing code functions or add new functions;
  • API interface: You can call applications developed using the ZenTaoPHP framework via http to integrate with other systems;
  • Command line call: You can call the internal methods of the application through the command line, which can be used for operations such as backup, update, and letter sending;

Note: The content of this document is for the latest zentaoPHP framework. Please refer to the old version for the secondary development documents of the version before Zentao 16.5.

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