Top 10 Programming Languages that will keep dominating in 2021

2021-02-22 11:11:24
Summary : We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Programming Languages that are going to rule in 2021 – let’s take a look at these programming languages:

Sure enough, nearly everybody understands that technology is evolving at a fast rate in today's technologically advanced environment. Seeing alternative technologies often surpassing each other with daily updates & developments has become very common. In the midst of all this, there is an area that is influenced a lot by the tech world's unpredictable existence, and that is Programming Language!

Yeah, the most important requirement for virtually any discipline is programming language, whether it be web creation, computer learning, data science or some other. And, every year, we see how the rating of these programming languages fluctuates among developers according to their demand & popularity. In the meantime, to remain relevant in the tech industry, you need to be updated with all these new developments and Programming Language indices. In particular, beginners are highly expected to consider many main factors before opting out for a specific programming language, such as demand & popularity, work openings, applications, etc.

But wait... because hundreds of programming languages are available around the world; don't you suppose it's such a difficult challenge to pick out the correct one after considering all these aspects?

No worries, we have made it simpler for you somehow, as we have assembled a list of the top 10 programming languages that will reign in 2021, based on many regular studies and review. Let's take a look at these programming languages:

1. JavaScript

Many languages have come and gone, but JavaScript remains one of the few renowned languages in the programming world that enjoys a high degree of demand. JavaScript has been regularly ranked in the top 10 programming languages in the TIOBE rating survey for many years. The Stack Overflow survey literally reveals that the most common language among developers is JavaScript. JavaScript holds the top spot among all programming languages at Octoverse as well. Meanwhile, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber, etc. are some of the renowned companies that use JavaScript in the tech world.

Although the language is mostly known for introducing responsive components to web sites, it has a broad variety of uses, such as web creation, game development, development of smartphone applications, and much more. In addition, the terminology for both Front End Development and Back End Development is used. It is also more preferable among developers due to its familiarity with some popular frameworks such as React, Vue, Node, etc. Since there are millions of websites already on the web that depend heavily on JavaScript and, on top of that, look at the language's demand & domination, it would not be incorrect to assume that JavaScript would also reign in 2021!

2. Python

Python outranks JAVA to become the second most popular programming language, as per the RedMonk Rating report for the year 2020. In the last 5 years, the language has seen phenomenal growth of about 18-19 percent. For the December 2020 ranking, Python ranks #1 on the PYPL index. On many other well-known websites, the language is also among the most popular programming languages, such as Stack Overflow, Github, etc. It is also more preferable among developers due to the compatibility of Python with trending technologies such as AI & ML.

Python has been the favorite language of almost any human for the last many years who has just begun with the programming domain. A fairly basic syntax that makes it easy to understand, study, and use is the key reason behind this. For web creation, software development, etc., the language is commonly used and with many trending developments such as computer learning, artificial intelligence, data science, etc. Some enriching features are offered by the language, such as rich library support, automated garbage collection, simpler integration with other languages, support for GUI programming, and many more. Many popular Python systems that make things more efficient and convenient are Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.

3.  C / C++

As their demand grows substantially over time, they are just like old wine!

A large part of the tech landscape is occupied by both C and C++ and actually ranks in the top positions on different indexes. In the 2020 TIOBE ranking, C and C++ are ranked first and fourth among the top 5 programming languages, respectively. C/C++ has seen an upward trend of about 0.1 percent in the PYPL index and is ranked at #5. There are various major tech firms with respectable compensation packages such as Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc. that employ C/C++ developers. And mastering C/C++ in 2021 is not only advantageous from a professional viewpoint, it also makes it possible for you to learn other programming languages later.

The general-purpose procedural programming language is used primarily in the development of low-level systems such as operating systems, kernel development, and others while we speak about C language in particular. And the properties of this basic language are inherited by several other programming languages. On the other hand, C++ is a programming language directed towards objects (primarily developed as an extension of C). Along with many other areas, the language is commonly used in

Game Creation, GUI & Desktop applications, and Competitive Programming.

4. Java

JAVA appears to be losing its appeal at times, but as we look at the actual numbers, JAVA ends up with a very good ranking every year that shows that the specific language in the tech field is always doing well and in demand. There are about 8 million JAVA developers worldwide, maybe this figure will assist you to determine this unique language's demand & popularity. The language also holds a top-second spot in the ranking of TIOBE and PYPL among all programming languages. JAVA is ranked in third place, below JavaScript and Python only, according to the RedMonk data.

The object-oriented programming language comes up with a highly praised Write Once Run Anywhere concept that allows the Java code to be executed without recompilation on other systems that support JAVA. The language, along with web applications, desktop applications, science applications, etc., is commonly used in Android development. In comparison, top-notch enterprises such as Adobe, Amazon, Flipkart, and many others use JAVA and give Java developers ravishing career opportunities. Its considerable demand in the software world, tremendous community support, common frameworks such as Spring & Hibernate and other enriching features such as multithreading, automated memory allocation & garbage collection, freedom from the network, etc. mean that in the coming years JAVA can also provide you with several worthwhile career opportunities.

5. R Language

In its ranking on numerous reputed indices for programming languages, R has seen an exponential growth. In a period of less than 1 year, it jumped to 9th place from 16th position, especially in the TIOBE ranking. Various major tech corporations such as Facebook, Google, Uber, etc. are using the R language for their companies, and mastering the R programming language is certainly worthwhile for your potential career endeavors given the increasingly growing need for data science and machine learning trends.

In the field of programming, R is another emerging name! In the field of data science, mathematical processing and machine learning, it is an open-source programming language that is commonly used and provides you with a large range of libraries and frameworks. It's a very suitable language for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. It can also be conveniently combined with several technologies, such as Hadoop & Spark, for data processing. Some of the other influential characteristics of this specific language make it a more common language among developers, such as cross-platform compatibility, highly extensible, powerful graphical capability, distributed computing, etc.

6. Kotlin

Whenever there is a discussion about the development of android apps in the current scenario, the word 'Kotlin' definitely comes first! However, after Google announced it as its favorite language for the development of Android apps, a huge tendency of developers towards Kotlin is evident. Kotlin ranks 4th among the most loved programming languages, according to the Stack Overflow report. Also, in the Github environment, the number of Kotlin users is rising considerably.

In short, Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that is statically typed and supports object-oriented as well as functional programming functions. The great thing about the language is that it is completely Java interoperable and supports all libraries in Java. The language is also much simpler to understand, and it can also be used for web creation and desktop application development alongside Android development. Javalin, KTor, and Vert.x are some of Kotlin's common frameworks, and companies such as Pinterest, Uber, Netflix, etc. provide Kotlin developers with diverse job opportunities. As everybody knows that the Android market is not headed for retirement too soon, you should also look for any worthwhile job prospects in the future to learn Kotlin in 2021.

7. C#

For the last few years, C# has maintained a decent spot on nearly every index's list of top programming languages. The language is ranked 4th and 5th respectively on the TIOBE and PYPL indexes. Over the last two years, it has consistently maintained a spot at #5 on the GitHub Language Rankings. In addition to India, there are also tremendous job prospects in other countries for C# developers.

Microsoft mainly develops the general-purpose programming language for its .Net application. The language, along with the production of Windows applications, server-side applications, etc., is commonly used for game development. In comparison, C# comes with a rich collection of libraries that make it a programming language that is quicker and more powerful. Structured language, quicker compilation, modified & portable, component-oriented, full integration with the .NET library, and many more are some of the outstanding features of the language that are also enjoyed by developers.

The language is regularly used by developers and businesses such as Intellectsoft, Capgemini, etc. in Unity game engine applications, which still uses C# for companies, meaning that work openings are also satisfactory for C# developers on the market. So, you should go for it without giving a second thought if you're looking forward to studying C# in 2021!

8. PHP

As many others, if you still believe that PHP is not worth learning in 2021, then you need to realize that the language in the software environment is already doing really well and that developers prefer it. The language earned a spot in the top 10 programming languages in the #8 list, according to the TIOBE Index for December 2020. In fact, the language is ranked 4th in RedMonk ranking analyses, surpassing other popular languages such as C++, Kotlin, etc. Also, various well-known websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, etc. rely heavily on PHP and frequently give PHP developers multiple career opportunities.

For the development of the website, the open-source server-side scripting language is used and comes with some popular features such as cross-platform compatibility, object-oriented programming functions, simple integration of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., massive support from the community, and much more. The language is widely recommended for beginners because it is much simpler to understand. Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc. are some of the common PHP frameworks you may take into consideration. So, PHP will be a perfect choice for you if you're really looking forward to moving into the web development domain!

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9. Go

Though Go is not that much-hyped programming language, it has seen a substantial increase in its demand & popularity among developers in the last few years. Go comes under the list of top 5 most loved languages by developers for the year 2020, according to the Stack Overflow study. Companies such as Uber, Google, etc. operate in the language of Go and you should opt to study Go, as it appears like in the coming years the language will get bigger and bigger.

Go is a Google-developed, statically typed programming language with a syntax similar to C. It offers you various enriching features such as collection of garbage, dynamic typing, protection of type, high performance & productivity, and many more. The language allows multithreading and can be used in cloud computing, distributed applications, etc. The best thing about the language is that it addresses many big problems, such as poor compilation and execution, rich standard library unavailability, etc.

10. Scala

Several tech giants use Scala for their respective sites & goods, such as Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Twitter, etc. Due to its easy-to-learn nature, beginners are highly advised to opt for Scala. It will become one of the most sought-after programming languages in 2021, when many other companies look forward to integrating Scala into their businesses and considering its substantially increasing demand among developers.

The language was developed specifically to address the problems facing developers of another language, Java. It has cemented a good role among developers over time. Scala is a programming language for general purposes that supports both object-oriented and functional paradigms of programming. It gives you some defining characteristics, such as lazy computing, interpolation of strings, type inference, great scalability, and many others. It is also possible to translate the Scala code into byte codes and to run it on the Java Virtual Machine. The vocabulary is commonly used in Web Creation, Computer Science, and Machine Learning.


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