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2018-07-22 13:51:00

Test Management involves the set of investigations conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or system under test. It is critical, detail-oriented and instrumental in order to ensure the success of the entire testing. It includes anything and everything that testers do and it takes the help of a best and efficient test management software to perform this task. On the top of the best test management tool list lies JIRA.

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Jira is originally for issue tracking. You might see that JIRA has different types of issues, such as bug, epic, improvement, but nothing special for tests. If you use JIRA for your tests, you might have problems listed below,

  • No testing specific features (this is something that Atlassian itself calls out)
  • Only integrates with testing frameworks via the CI server
  • Inability to create a test case coverage report that covers manual execution, automation execution and session-based execution
  • No traceability reporting between issues and test case coverage
  • No way to run executions more than once, which means significant duplication of effort
  • Limitations around test cycle and suite execution, test step execution status, version control and environment configuration 1

You might have already known that ZenTao is a powerful bug tracking tool. But, don't forget, ZenTao is so much more than just a bug tracking tool. It also has a robust feature in Test Management.

Test Suite

A test suite is to integrate all test cases that are for the same test/runtime. It also means to divide test cases according to test requirements, and each division is a test suite. In ZenTao, go to QA->Test Suite, and click "Create Test Suite". You will see the page to create a test suite. You can choose Private or Public as setting the Access Control. Click Link button at the right of a test suite to link cases. Only cases of the current product can be linked.

You can also create a public case library to manage cases. Public case library categorizes test modules and a test case is used for different features, so it increases the reusability of test cases. If you create a case in Case Lib, you can only use it with the lib, and it does not link to any product. You can group case steps when creating a case, and create child steps according to test requirements. You can also import cases to a Product from Case Lib. You can also import .cvs file to case lib. Download the template, fill it with your data, and then import.

Convert a case to a bug

Go to QA->Build, and you will see case list. You can choose cases by modules, or choose all the cases that are assigned to you. On the page of test cases, choose a test case and click the Execute button at the right to execute the case. It is recommended that testers go to QA->Build to execute cases that linked to the build. If case execution fails, you can create a bug for the test case and its repro steps will be automatically integrated with the bug.

Click Convert to Bug and you will be directed to the page to create a bug.

Not only can you do test management in ZenTao, but also bug tracking, project management, etc. Remember that ZenTao is product-centered, so it will best smooth your management if you are developing an application. It beats Jira in test management tool domestically, and now it is ready to take the whole world! Try it today.


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