ZenTao vs. Jira 3 : Features

2018-03-30 09:47:00

What makes ZenTao a great alternative to Jira?

ZenTao, the All Lifecyle Management Scrum tool

Jira is designed around Issue, and its core is Project->Issue. ZenTao is around Story. Its core Product->Story. The most distinguishing feature of ZenTao is that the project management in ZenTao is divided into four parts, namely story management, task management,bug management, and case management. Through those four, ZenTao supports the whole flow of software development management.

ZenTao features include

1. Product management

a) Story management

b) Plan management

c) Release management

d) Product road map

2. Project management

a) Team and effort management

b) Task management

c) Supporting Kanban, tree, list, group views

d) Supporting burn down chart

3. QA management

a) Test case

b) Common test case library

c) Test suit

d) Test plan

e) Test result

f) Bug management

4. Document management

5. Dashboard

a) Todo

b) Calendar

c) Tasks assigned to me

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