ZenTao vs. Jira 2 : code integration

2018-03-28 17:15:00

Project management tools which integrate code review and version control can be very convenient for users. Popular version control systems, such as SVN and Git, are wide applied in code review.


Teams can use JIRA to manage the reporting, fixing and reviewing of software bugs in an efficient and integrated way. Developers can take assignments from shared dashboards and agile boards inside of JIRA. From there, Stash git repositories and Bamboo can be used to connect commits and test results back to the issue. All this can be done without the need of ever leaving JIRA.

If you need more Git or Mercurial repositories, you can utilize the integration with Atlassian's Bitbucket that will allow you to spend more time coding instead of dealing with issue and merging handling. The popular GitHub is also supported by JIRA and the connection can be done with the use of just the DVCS connector.

> Pros

With Jira, you have many options to do code review. For example, it supports all Git servers. Bitbucket is especially for Git solutions.

> Cons

You can choose to either use the cloud service or self-hosted, only the self-hosted costs way too much for startups.


SVN and Git has been integrated in ZenTao for code management. The basic mechanism for code integration in ZenTao is to

Analyze code comments submitted => Get related stories, tasks and bug IDs => Write IDs to ZenTao database.

There are two ways to do it. One is to use the hook built in SVN/Git. Analyze code comments submitted => Get related stories, tasks and bug IDs => Write IDs to ZenTao database.

The two ways have their own pros and cons. In ZenTao, the second one is chosen, because it is easier to debug and more convenient to deploy. Besides, it can also analyze all the previous records with more flexibility.

> Pros

Very convenient, as you can do code management without any plug-ins. And very economical. Both cloud and self-hosted service are available.

> Cons

Fork management is not supported in ZenTao currently.

If you want to know more about code integration in ZenTao, go to Integrate ZenTao with SVN or Integrate ZenTao with Git.
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