How to Implement Scrum in a Development Team Effectively

2017-08-31 15:50:00
Kristall, Chuck
Translated :
ZenTao China

It might be a great idea not mentioning Scrum at all when implementing it. Try to practice Scrum using other names.

PART 1 of Planning Meeting = Story Analysis Meeting

Product Owner explains each Story and every team member discusses it.

PART 2 of Planning Meeting = Task Decomposition Meeting

DEV team decompose tasks according to stories, assign tasks, and estimate man-hour.

Daily Standup Meeting = Morning Meetup

Team members meet in the morning before starting to work and brief their work in 10-15 mins.

Review and Retrospect Meetings stay the name.

No PO, Team, or Scrum Master mentioned. Just use what you have been calling those roles on your team. Sometimes development team just don't like new concepts/names which seem totally new to them. If talking about story analysis, no one would say they don't like it. Neither would they say it to task decomposition.


  • Do self-testing and mutual testing
  • Communicate with each other
  • Review external part of the interface
  • Emphasize code conventions

(Photo from Synxius website)

Then you will have Scrum implemented on your team!

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