ZenTao Group 1.0 is released!

2019-03-19 14:26:00

ZenTao Group 1.0 is released!

ZenTao Group is consisted of Platform (plat) and Node (site). A group headquarter can open a site for its branch, department, outsourcing team to use ZenTao Enterprise to management projects.

Platform is to summarize all the information regarding to Project, Supplier, and Node. Node is a ZenTao Enterprise site. Each node synchronizes with the information on the Platform, including projects, and plans, and it tracks the progress of projects. For each node, the data is separated and do not interfere in or get interfered by other node.

For more information of ZenTao Group, Check HERE. (Note:Currently, ZenTao Group is for U buntu16.04 and Apache ONLY.)


The free trial expires on September 16, 2019.



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