ZenTao Open Source 12.0.1 is released

2020-02-13 09:10:40
Renee Teng

ZenTao Open Source 12.0.1 is released! This release is mainly to fix bugs.

Change Log


2954  Windows one-click installation package. xxd server version is not the same as shown in ZenTao Desktop.
2951 Create Task page. Choose linked stories and error prompts.
2947 Report in Doc includes the sizes of deleted files.
2946 Project-Bug. Search feature error.
2943 Project-Overview. Cost hours are not accurate.
2942 Repeat password has no reminder when the passwords are not the same.
2941 Batch create users are not recorded in zt_action.
2937 Product-Plan. Create a plan and select the dates, and save. The dates are 2030-01-01.
2935 Upload relative URL of an image to the Editor, then it is not displayed in the email.
2933 Initalizing scripts have no scripts to update efforts.
2932 Reoport on Dashboard is not displayed right.
2931 The clickable area of a checkbox on the Create page is too large.

2930 Error prompts on Doc pages (not reproduced on the local machine)
2929 If Markdown contains << , what is after the sign is not displayed.
2927 Create several child tasks in a short period and no prompts of it.
2926 Bug to Story. Unparsed code is displayed in the history.
2924 Edit Block feature should be optimized.
2922 Effort report on Project-Report is not accurate.
2919 Create a project via a plan. Save it and it goes blank.
2918 Incorrect data in Project-Report.
2917 Tree view. No real names are displayed for stories.
2914 Untranslated terms in Translate module.
2913 Optimized the display for contact groups with long titles.
2910 Todo cannot be closed in bulk.
2907 No error page for incorrect search conditions.
2904 View and Privilege under the Privilege module are not redirected to the same page after being saved.
2897 My Dashboard. Task status is not right.
2896 Test--Bug page. Incorrect search results.
2894 Activate Project error in the Manage Privileges page.


Source Code Package

     Official Website    SourceForge

One-Click Installation Packages for Linux (unzip to /opt )

  • Linux 64 bit one-click installation (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+)

     Official Website    SourceForge

  • Linux 32 bit one-click installation (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+)

     Official Website    SourceForge

  • Linux 64 bit one-click installation  (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)

     Official Website    SourceForge

  • Linux 32 bit one-click installation (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)

     Official Website    SourceForge

PHP package


 Installation Manual

 Update Manual

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