Agile keeps rock the PM world

2019-04-12 14:26:00
3978 released the State of Testing Report 2018 and gives a glimpse into what is going on in the testing community. With years observation of the testing community, trends regarding training, skills, as well as processes are reviewed and foretasted. As ZenTao has the testing feature, the survey result that is related to testing tools and models caught our attention.

Bug tracking tool is for sure one of the most used ones in testing process. Testers also tend to use MS Excel and such(59%), agile tools(50%), and QA management tools(46%) to solve the problem.

For development models, agile and agile like is universal with 89% of the respondents stated that they apply Agile in their testing, and it has been increasing over years. Waterfall takes the second place but its portion is decreasing and is really small compared to agile. DevOps is the third place and it is also increasing, which is worth paying attention to.


Since Agile is dominating the testing community, what agile tools do testers use?

Jira: the most popular project management tool worldwide

Jira is the most popular project management tool worldwide. Its whole process revolves around issues. In Jira, every task, bug, enhancement request; basically anything to be created and tracked via JIRA is considered an Issue. It has various sophisticated features and its pricing is not so affordable for small and medium sized companies, especially for startups.

Don't worry. Startups have other options as there are many PM tools available in the market. Check HERE for comparison.

ZenTao: the Agile tool that you should never miss

ZenTao was originally developed to solve the bug tracking issue for their own team. It is open source and available on GitHub. With over ten years' continuously optimization, ZenTao now is a collaborative tool for product management and covers the life cycle of application development.

ZenTao is product-centered and for agile teams to manage development projects. The difference between ZenTao and other systems is that ZenTao divides the complex project management process into four major items: story, task, bug, and case.

Below is the screenshot of the Dashboard in ZenTao and you can visit // to know more about it.

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