ZenTao 6.1 stable version released!

2014-08-06 11:30:00
Summary : ZenTao 6.1 stable version has been released!

ZenTao 6.1 stable version has been released!


  • Change the powered by copyright info of zentao testing extension.
  • Adjust the parse rule when import data from a csv file.
  • Can see all bugs created from a case.
  • When browse cases, can group them by story.
  • Can see build info on case info page.
  • Change testtask to build.
  • Add shortcut support to case run page.
  • Adjust the save and pass button in case run page.
  • Adjust the layout of case result page.
  • Auto link a bug to testtask If it was resolved in a build.
  • Change assignedTo field to close when a test task finished.
  • When creating a bug from a case result, copy the build, story and module info from the case auto.
  • When create a case, list stories not closed only.
  • Show the max upload size on upload form.
  • Order the stories and bug lists of a plan on server, instead of client by js.
  • Show the realname on task close page.
  • Use chosen for all select menus.
  • Adjust the extension install page.
  • Adjust the extension list page.
  • Adjust the extension structure, activate, deny pages.
  • Remove the sso module.
  • Add .php extension to log file for security reason.
  • Create a blank index.php file in every directory to prevent directory list.
  • Skip the sql confirm page if the sql is empty when upgrade zentao.


Source code: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/6.1/ZenTaoPMS.6.1.stable.zip/download

Windows stack: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zentao/files/6.1/ZenTaoPMS.6.1.stable.exe/download

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