Issue with deleting Efforts for a Story
2018-03-09 03:51:56
Aditi Shankar
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When the user deletes the effort for a story and then hits Back, the system saves the deletion even if the user does not select Save. The system should save changes only if the user selects Save. 

Page: Product>Effort 

Repro: Go to Effort under Story. Select the X mark under an existing effort. Select Back. Come back to Effort. The changes made have been saved.

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2018-03-20 18:09:21
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Hi, Aditi, I got the point, we will consider if to change the form behave ,thanks for your feedback
2022-11-25 14:25:43
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I am sharing may it help you

When a story is deleted, it's child items (tasks and sets), attachments, and links are also deleted. Some items in hierarchies can not be deleted if child items exist. For example, you cannot delete a parent portfolio item if child portfolio items and backlog items exist under it. You must first delete (or move) the children before deleting the parent. Some assets also have additional rules regarding deletions.

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