Drop-down selection on Batch Create Tasks
2018-03-09 03:28:28
Aditi Shankar
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While accessing the drop-downs on any of the screens on Batch Create Tasks, the system automatically selects an option on the drop-down without the user selection. Even if the user hits the Escape key, the system still makes a random selection on the drop down.

Page: Project>Story>Batch Create Tasks

Repro: Go to Batch Create under Story. Select any dropdown without clicking on the options available, hit escape or click elsewhere to minimise the drop down. The system will make a random selection.

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2018-03-20 16:51:27
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Hi Aditi, thanks for your feedback. I could not reproduct the issue in firefox 55.0.3 (64 bit) nor chrome (63.0.3239.132 64bit). would you show us some detail,thanks!