How to create a project?
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How to create a project?
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Product manager has created stories. Now it’s the turn of project manger to create projects in ZenTao.

1. Create a Project

1.1 Go to  Project and click  Add.

1.2 The page to create a Project will pop out.

On this page, you can set fields such as project name, alias, begin and end time, team name, project goals and project descriptions. Linked products can be left empty.

  • A  difference from the simple workflow of ZenTao we have mentioned is that a product should be linked to it  when you are creating a project, and it  can be multiple products. 
  • The project can set access control when creating it, either Default, Private or Whitelist.

2. Set up teams

2.1 Click  Save and a message will pop out for your to choose further actions. Click can set up teams.

You can also choose team members from the  Project-> Team-> Manage Team.

Then you will see the page to manage team members. You should choose users involved in the project and set their roles. Weekdays and available man hours must be set up carefully. Generally speaking, no one can work continuously 8 hours a day or 7 days a week.

2.2 After the team is set up, ZenTao will automatically calculate the total man hours for the project.