How to create a story?
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How to create a story?
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Once we have a product, we can create our first story.

1. Log in ZenTao as a product manager;

2. Go the  Product-> Story.

3. Click the menu “Create” at the right, and the page of Add a Story will pop out.

  • The title of the Story is required;
  • It can be left empty temporarily for the plan and module the Story belong to.
  • Check "No Review" in Reviewed By, so the Story that is about to be added is activated.  Only activated story can be linked to the projects and  then to be developed.
  • Mailto can be set, so  relevant members can be notified about  all changes in the Storyby emails.
  • Keywords can help you search.  You can set keywords, so content can be searched by keywords.

Product managers may be used to write stories or specifications. Stories about a product usually are defined in a Word file But we suggest that stories in ZenTao be written by functions. To put it simply, stories is excerpted from the original Word file and transcribed to ZenTao as separate stories. According to Scrum, it can be called  user story. An user story is to describe user types, user objectives or values of their objectives. With all the information, it’s very convenient to communicate and cooperate with team members.