How to create a product in ZenTao?
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How to create a product in ZenTao?

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ZenTao’s design philosophy is all about products, so the first thing you need to do is to create a product. Go to Product and Click Add.

Then you will the page below.

  • The name and alias of the product are required. The alias can be considered as a nick name of the product within the teams, e.g. the alias for ZenTao Project Mangement Software is zentao.  It should be a combination of letters and numbers. 
  • Product manager: collect and explain stories, make release plans and review stories.
  • Test manager: designate a test supervisor for a product, so that s/he will automatically take care of it if nobody is assigned to perform the test task  once a bug is created.
  • Release manager: take the responsibility of creating release
  • Access control: you can set access control to a product. The default setting is one with access to the Product module have access to all products. If the  product is set as private, so only  team  members have access to it. You can also set a whitelist to  specify which member can access to the product.