The Scrum Guide 2020 is coming
2020-12-21 11:40:08

Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber on November 18th are going to release the updated Scrum Guide.

The Scrum Guide was planned to be updated earlier this year but was paused due to the comments and doubts from the Internet. Now it finally comes to its launch date. The virtual launch meeting will be hosted on Zoom at 10AM (in Eastern Time US and Canada) November 18th. 

The webinar will touch on the key changes and insights from Jeff and Ken, and expert Scrum practitioners will discussthe updates in the Scrum Guide. For the last 25 years of Scrum, Scrum is the lightweigh framework and being applied to more industries than just software development. The updates will make Scrum more transparent., leaner, easier to accessand more straightforward, and opens the door to more practitioners in new industries. It will also be less prescriptive, as it is not a methodology.


You can read HERE for more information about this launch meeting. ZenTao team will follow up on this event and post about the updates later,

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Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken schwaber will release the updated Scrum guide on November 18th. The launch meeting will discuss key changes, making Scrum more transparent, leaner, and accessible to practitioners in various industries. The updates aim to be less prescriptive, allowing for flexibility in implementation. 

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The updated Scrum Guide, set to be released by Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber on November 18th, promises to bring transparency, leaner principles, and accessibility to practitioners across diverse industries. This update's emphasis on flexibility and reduced prescriptiveness is a notable development in the Scrum framework. Exciting times for Scrum enthusiasts.
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"Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber's updated Scrum Guide, launching on November 18, promises a transparent, lean, and accessible framework. Less prescriptive, it adapts Scrum to diverse industries."

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