How to resolve a Bug?
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How to resolve a Bug?
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Once bugs are reported, the testing team can start to test and solve bugs. In ZenTao, the bug workflow is

Report bugs(testing team) => solve bugs (developers) => close bugs (testing team) .

There is also activation process,

Report bugs(testing team) => solve bugs by developers(developers) => acceptance failed (testing team) => activate bugs => resolve bugs => accept and close.

What the developers need to do is to resolve the bugs they are in charge in ZenTao.

1. Bug list

Go to Testing->Bug and your will see all the bugs listed here.

2. Resovle a bug

Click the Resovle buttion in Actions to open the bug details page to debug.

3. Bug resolution

Enclosed:bug resolutions

The following bug solution options are built in in ZenTao.

Design Issue => no modifications;
Duplicated =>  the same bugs existed;
External => external reasons rather than ZenTao errors;
Resloved => debugged;
Irreproducible => bugs cannot be reproduced;
Postponed => deferred bugs to be fixed later rather than right now;
Not to resolve => will not take care of the bug;
Bugs with status of Resovled and Postponed are valid bugs.
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