Responsive Version
2020-02-08 20:30:03
Andre Fabris
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Hello. We are evaluating Zen Tao and have integrated it with our product. The only thing that Open Source version is missing is the Responsive mobile design.

I know we can buy a license to get the mobile web view, however, on your demo site, it is also not responsive. It is just displaying different mobile optimized pages.

Being a developer I know how hard is to implement responsive desing in such complex product as Zen Tao. I am just asking are there any plans in the future to do this? Is the community working on some plugins? Can it be done?

Many thanks, and keep up the good work!


2020-02-19 09:27:29
ZenTao ALM
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Thank you for the feedback. 

ZenTao can be extended easily with the API and framework our team coded for it. It is based on zentaoPHP and you can find the manual HERE. The customization manual is HERE.