Guide to ZenTao Privilege Functions?
2019-08-07 09:58:23
Michael Lang
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I needed some help on an adjustment in ZenTao.

It seems when an “Assignee” hits “Finish” … . often ZenTao will switch the “Assignee” to another person.  Then we have to go back and change it back.

We DON’Twant the system to switch the “Assignee” automatically.  We want it only to change when edit the task, not when the other “Action” buttons are hit. 
2019-08-07 10:27:35
Fei Teng
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It is how the workflow of a task in ZenTao is designed.

When the Assignee finishes the task, the task will be automatically assigned to the one who created the task for confirmation that it is indeed finished and done in the way as expected.

You can refer to the difference of task status between Finished and Closed.

  • Finished: A developer (task assignee) finishes doing the task.
  • Closed: The task finished by the developer is assigned to and confirmed by the CreatedBy(task creator) that is actually done as described in the task details.