Document management and access control in ZenTao

2019-01-09 09:13:00

Project documentation is to create, store, and distribute documents submitted in a development project. It happens that documentation is not properly done and that causes no document to refer to when there is a problem. Documentation is very important in doing a project.

Documentation Objectives

Complete documentation can help project managers to oversee the progress of the project and have the overall quality of the project in control by reviewing documents in each phase. The objectives of documentation can be summarized in the following aspects,

  • To provide a reference for project managers to know the progress of the development, open questions, and expectations;

  • To provide communications on the project between teams;

  • To guarantee the quality of the development projects;

  • To provide training materials for system administrators, operators, managers, etc.; and

  • To serve as history archives for coming relevant projects.      

ZenTao Document Management

ZenTao, as a Scrum tool, has a built-in module for documents. 

Files and Document Library

You can upload files in ZenTao as a supplementary for Story, Task, Bug, etc. All files uploaded can be grouped in the same library according to Product or Project/Sprint it belongs to. You can also create and customize document libraries.



1.  I have set the access control of a Product/Project Document Library as Custom/Private. Why can other users visit my documents?

Answer: In ZenTao, users who have access to the Product/Project that the doc lib belongs will have the access control to the doc lib by default. They are not controlled by doc lib privileges. You can set a custom doc lib to control which user can view your documents.  

2.Why are uploaded files not loaded in ZenTao?

Answer: Usually it is because the uploading is not completed. The reason could be either the file size is beyond the limit or it is a timeout.

You can change the limit of file size. For installation in the one-click package for Windows, the default setting is 50M. If it is not big enough, it is suggested that you save files in FTP and put the link in ZenTao. For custom runtime environment, 2M is the default setting in PHP. Change the value of  post_max_size and upload_max_filesize in php.ini, and restart Apache. It should work. Note: You have to change the setting of file size which is 1M if you use Nginx.

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