ZenTao will replace other project management software in the near future

2017-09-28 11:19:00
Summary :ZenTao, as a professional open source PMS, will replace other project management software in the near future.

When it comes to PMS, many people may know Wrike, Asana, Twoodo, Asana, Bitrix24, Jira, ProofHub. But today I will introduce a free and open source project management software , which will probably replace other project management software in the near future.

1. Free and open source

ZenTao is a professional open source project management software, which is free from downloading to using. What's more, Source code of ZenTao is open and it can be used for  commerce. Users can fix code flexibly because of its open source, according to their own requirements, which makes many enterprises save administration costs and procurement cost.

2. Complete lifecycle management

ZenTao integrates bug management , test case management, release management and document management, and it completely covers the entire life cycle of software R&D. In ZenTao, the concepts of product, project and test are clearly defined. Product team, developing team and testing team coordinate and check with each other while they function differently. The three teams interact with each other through stories, tasks and bugs, and eventually deliver the product with quality.

3. Agile and Scrum

In the design of ZenTao, its framework is based on scrum while complement and perfect functions like test, document, release and planning. There must be people asking whether they have to adopt agile development if they use ZenTao. Of course, the answer is NO. You can conduct waterfall management with ZenTao and conduct well. Based on this point, we adopt neutral concepts instead of the specific concepts in scrum.

Except the basic concepts in Scrum, ZenTao also complement and improved the following concepts in order to cover the whole life cycle of software. Such as Product release planning, Product roadmap, Build, Bug, Test cases, Test tasks, Test results, Document, To-do and so on.

4. Perfect function

ZenTao has been developed by 8 years since its first release in 2009 and more than 4000 requirements were finished in ZenTao. The function of ZenTao is also becoming more and more complete, which can be applied gradually to most project management and product R&D at home and abroad.

  • Product management: including products, stories, plans, releases and roadmaps;
  • Project management: including projects, tasks, teams, builds and burndown charts;
  • Quality management: including bugs, test cases, test tasks and test results;
  • Document management: including product document library, project document library and customized document library;
  • Work management: including to-do management and personal work management like my tasks, my bugs, my story and my projects;
  • Organization management: including departments, users, groups and privileges;
  • Report: various statistical reports;
  • Search feature: powerful search help you find the data you need;
  • Extension mechanism: extensible almost anywhere in ZenTao;
  • API mechanism: convenient for integration with other systems.

5. Powerful expansibility

ZenTao Pro ject Management Software is developed based on zentaoPHP framework developed by our team. The framework has powerful mechanisms of extension, API calling and command line. You can modify or extend ZenTao with other mechanisms and also integrate it with other systems or deploy automated scripts in ZenTao. Based built-in application platform in ZenTao, you can browse quickly existing plug-ins and select installation, upgrade and unloading.

6. High flexibility

ZenTao can be used for different management scenarios, such as software companies, Internet enterprise and so on. Functions can be used in combination just for defect management , requirement management and task management . Last but not least, ZenTao supports not only private deployment but also Saas service.

Now ZenTao has been used over 150,000 users and more and more people are willing to try it. Therefore, ZenTao will replace other project management software in the near future.

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Serving 30,000+ teams

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Free & Open

Open source and unlimited to commercial

Powerful extension mechanism and various plug-ins

Available on Github

Either Self-Host or Cloud Apps


Refined ALM support

Zero downtime upgrades 

Integrate Git and SVN (pro)

Word and Excel import & export (pro)

Preview-Edit-Diff document online(ent)

Integrate OPS-Attendance-Feedback(ent)


ZenTao team has involved in open source since 2004

Frequent releases and free upgrade forever(even self-hosted) 

Instant and powerful support for 20000+ companies


Out of the box, Less config

Nice price for small team($9.9)

Design to adhere Scrum Best practice

For Agile but not restrict to Agile


Applicable for different sized teams

Applicable for Agile/Waterfall

Modules can be used in any combination

Convenient customization