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Program Management A comprehensive approach to corporate strategic management that encompasses program management, sub-program management, and management related to individual projects.
Product Management This includes various functionalities such as product management, requirements management, planning, release management, roadmap development, and requirement matrix.
Project Management Project iteration/stage management, team management, stakeholder management, code repository, and version control.
Project phase Gantt charts, project weekly reports, and milestone reports.
Review management, configuration management, project estimation, and custom approval workflows.
Project metrics, process definition and tailoring, and QA plan.
Issue management, risk management, opportunity management, asset repository management, research management, training management, and meeting management.
Allows for the duplication of projects, including the copying of phase and iteration information, task information, process tailoring settings, document directory, QA assurance plan, and team member duplication.
Execution Management Management of the project's iteration (or phase) execution process, which includes tasks, Kanban boards, burn-down charts, group views, tree diagrams, and iteration requirements.
Task Gantt charts, detailed time sheets, task calendars, work logs, and more.
Kanban Management Multi-space and multi-board management, custom boards, in-progress settings, and card archiving.
Test Management Test case library, test cases, test suites, test plans, test reports, bug tracking, and defect management.
To export test reports in Word and HTML formats.
DevOps Integration with SVN, Git, and GitLab code repositories, including code comparison and linking code with requirements, tasks, and bugs.
Multiple triggers available to initiate CI/CD builds in GitLab and Jenkins.
Enhanced GitLab integration, allowing management of GitLab Server, linking GitLab accounts, and importing GitLab issues.
Ability to add and maintain SonarQube servers, create SonarQube build tasks, and view SonarQube scan reports within ZenTao.
The ability to conduct code reviews online.
Operations and Maintenance Management This encompasses features for creating deployment schedules, managing hosts, data centers, services, and accounts.
Feedback Management Receive user feedback, which can be reviewed and incorporated into the development process for requirements, bugs, tasks, and to-do items. Progress can be tracked accordingly.
Manage FAQ list by editing commonly asked questions and providing a more convenient way to answer them.
Efficiently manage tickets by assigning them, tracking their progress, and recording the time spent on each task.
Document Management Product documentation library, project documentation library, custom documentation library, and document version comparison.
Online preview, online editing, and collaborative editing of attachment documents.
WIKI manual feature, which enables users to maintain manual sections, edit article content, bookmark documents, and configure permissions.
BI Management Part of the Built-in features for visual dashboard, pivot tables, and charts.
Experience a wider range of built-in features for visual dashboard, pivot tables, and charts.
Support for dimension management.
Ability to customize charts.
Support for customizable pivot tables.
Support for customizable visual dashboards.
System Management Manage company, department, and user information, with features to set user permission groups, view permissions, and operational permissions.
Configure LDAP integration to enable automatic login and user import for domain controller users. Import and export user information.
View and export user activity and log information.
OA Management Attendance, leave, make-up work, overtime, compensatory time off, holidays, and approval.
Workflow Expand built-in workflows, add workflow fields and actions to better match actual usage needs.
Add custom workflows to create personalized processes.
Customized Approval Workflows Design approval workflows flexibly based on different business processes, including approval nodes, approvers, approval roles, CC recipients, conditional branching, and more.
Import and Export Import and export in Excel format for convenient management of requirements, tasks, bugs, test cases, and more. Export product requirements, test reports, and other documents in Word format.
PC Desktop Client Highly integrated with ZenTao features, combining enterprise instant messaging capabilities. Supports individual chat, group discussions, file transfer, task assignment, system notifications, and more.
By purchasing the enhanced version of the client separately, users can enjoy additional features such as voice calls, video conferences, and desktop sharing.
Notification Functionality Email notifications, browser notifications, and more.
SMS notifications.
My Personal project statistics, iteration overview, my contributions, to-do list, calendar schedule, and more.
View work logs by calendar.
Dashboard Personal dashboard, product dashboard, project dashboard, test dashboard, document dashboard, and various other types of information overviews.
Extension Mechanism Open API interfaces for easy integration with other systems. Documentation for secondary development of functional modules.
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