ZenTao management software

ZenTao is the most professional open source project management system, scrum tool and agile tool.


ZenTao Open Source Features

ZenTao workflow

In ZenTao PMS, the core roles are product manager, project manager, development team and test team. If agile development is used by your teams, they can be corresponded with roles in Scrum as product owner, scrum master and team ( dev and tester). These roles will cooperate and coordinate with each other around the product.


My To-dos: ZenTao provides basic to-do management to help arrange routine work better.

My Task, Story and Bug: ZenTao provides action shortcuts for stories, tasks and bugs assigned to you in Dashboard. All tasks assigned to you have to be finished within a time frame. Therefore, every ZenTao user has to deal with the tasks, stories or bugs shown in Dashboard on time.

My Profile: On Dashboard, there is also a page of Profile. You can view and change your personal information there.


In ZenTao, everything goes around the product which is the core of project management. This part mainly include story, dynamic, plan, release, roadmap, document, project, module, overview.


Relations between products and projects in ZenTao are often asked. In Zentao, project is what sprint is in Agile development. This part mainly include task, story, bug, build, test, task, team, dynamic, document, product, overview.


After builds are created, they can be submitted to testing teams for a testrun which in ZenTao is called Test Task. This part mainly include bug, case,build,suite,report,library.


 Agile development does not promote all-inclusive documents, but documents are necesary, such as design document of database, interface documents and test summary reports. ZenTao has the basic built-in document management which can work as a complementary to cover processes that is not recorded in ZenTao. There are three types of document library in ZenTao, product document library, project document library and customized document library.


ZenTao provide all kinds of reports to check information including all task ststus and expenditure of time during some time, case data of all products, data of all versions.


After ZenTao is installed, the first thing administrator needs to do is establish organization structure. This module mainly include user, department, group, company, dynamic.


Why choose ZenTao


  30,000+ team

200,000+ project

800,000+ developer

53% market share in local country 

Free & Open

Open source and Not limited to commercial

Powerful extension mechanism and various plug-ins

Convenient customized development

Open on Github

Based on ZPL protocol


All lifecycle management of R&D project

Fine managed stories, cases and defects

Zero downtime upgrades 

Integrate Git and Svn (pro)

Word and Excel import/Export (pro)


ZenTao team engaged in open source from 2004, up to now

Rapid version iterations and free upgrade forever(even private host) 

Instant and powerful support for 20000+ companies


Best practice that fully supports Scrum

Features including test, document, release, plan and backlog

Agile based but not limited to agile


Applicable for different sized team

Applicable for agile/waterfall management

Management modules can be used in any combination

Offer both private deployment and Cloud Apps


Cloud or Private?

Open Source

  • Free private deployment
  • Open Source
  • Not limited to business
  • Based on ZPL
  • Standard technical support
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  • Powerful private deployment
  • Open Source (except pro features)
  • SVN and Git integration
  • Gantt charts, Kanban and work logs
  • Word and Excel import&export
  • SMS notification & Mobile apps
  • Professional technical support
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  • Get Started by one click
  • No hardware & Maintenance free
  • All features of ZenTao Pro
  • Built-in SVN and Git
  • Daily backup
  • Switch to private deployment anytime
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