Privacy Policy

Introduction and Overview

Welcome to using ZenTao Cloud! ZenTao Cloud is developed and operated by EasySoft INC. (hereinafter referred to as "EasySoft INC."). This agreement is a valid agreement entered into by Easysoft Tianchuang and the user on matters related to the ZenTao Cloud service (hereinafter referred to as "ZenTao Cloud").


We know the importance of personal information to you and will do our best to protect your personal information safe and secure. This Privacy Policy is intended to explain how we collect, use, share and protect your personal data and other related information; please read it carefully. When you provide us with your personal information or begin to use our products or services, you acknowledge and agree to what we describe in this Privacy Policy. I hope you read the Privacy Policy carefully and learn more about how we collect and use information so that you can better understand our services and make appropriate choices.


ZenTao Cloud strictly abides by laws and regulations and follows the privacy protection principles of legality, transparency, and technical protection to provide more secure and reliable services.


This policy will help you understand the following:

1. How we collect and use your personal information

2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

3. How we share, transfer and disclose your personal information

4. How we protect and save your personal information

5. How do you manage personal information

6. Scope of application

7. Amendments and Notices of Privacy Policy

8. How to contact us

9. Dispute Resolution


1. How we collect and use your information

ZenTao Cloud will only collect and use the following information from users for the binding, registration, login, use, and return visit functions necessary to use the product:

1.1 Identity and contact information

According to the relevant provisions of the "Network Security Law of the People's Republic of China," real-name authentication is required when using some of the functions and services provided by Nature Easy Soft, and the authentication process requires obtaining your identity information and contact information.

1.2Company information

In order to provide you with better services, Nature Easy Soft needs to obtain your Company information to provide you with more long-term and stable services.

1.3Business data

All data generated in the process of using ZenTao Cloud services are stored on the servers of Nature Easy Soft.


2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

When you visit our products and related websites, we will store small data files called cookies on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain some identifiers, mainly storing user IDs (not involving the user's actual name), the time of the user's visit, and the characters of the page the user visited. With the help of cookie identification, it can help the website to count the frequency of users' visits, the preferences of visiting pages, and the data of the loading performance of the accessing webpage, which can be used to ensure the standard and efficient operation of the website, provide a more personalized user experience and services, and protect your data security.

We will not use cookies for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. You can clear all cookies saved on your computer. Most web browsers will automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to reject cookies according to your needs; you can also clear all cookies saved in the software. However, if you do this, you may need to change the user settings every time you visit personally, and the corresponding information you have previously recorded will be deleted, which may have a particular impact on the security of the service you use.

3. How we share, transfer, and disclose your information

3.1 Sharing

We will not share user information with any company, organization, or individual other than EasySoft INC, except in the following cases:


(1)We may share your personal information externally by laws and regulations or the mandatory requirements of government authorities;

(2)Sharing with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, we will share the personal information that you have explicitly consented to with other parties;

(3)Sharing with authorized partners: We may entrust authorized partners to provide you with certain services or perform functions on our behalf, and we will only share your information for the legal, legitimate, necessary, specific, and explicit purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. Authorized partners can only have access to the information they need to perform their duties and shall not use this information for any other purpose.

3.2 Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any companies, organizations and individuals, except in the following cases:

(1)Obtain your express consent or authorization in advance;

(2)Provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, requirements of legal procedures, mandatory administrative or judicial requirements;

(3)Provided in accordance with the relevant agreements signed with you (including electronic agreements signed online and corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents;

(4)When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers or similar transactions, if it involves the transfer of personal information, we will require new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, we will require the company or organization to seek authorization from you again.

3.3 Information disclosure

According to relevant laws and regulations and national standards, we may collect and use your information without asking for your authorization under the following circumstances:

(1)Related to the personal information controller's performance of the obligations stipulated by laws and regulations;

(2)Those directly related to national security and national defense security;

(3)Directly related to public safety, public health, and significant public interests;

(4)Those directly related to a criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments;

(5)To protect the life and property of the personal information subject or other individuals, it isn't easy to obtain the authorization and consent of the individual;

(6)The personal information involved is disclosed to the public by the subject of the personal information;

(7)Necessary to sign and perform contracts according to the personal information subject's request;

(8)Collecting personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure, and other channels;

(9)Necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as discovering and disposing of faults in the products or services;

(10)The personal information controller is a news unit, and it is necessary for it to carry out legitimate news reports;

(11)When the personal information controller is an academic research institution, it is necessary to carry out statistical or academic research in the public interest. When it provides the results of academic research or description, the personal information contained in the results is de-identified.

4. How we protect and save your personal information

We have used industry-standard security safeguards to protect the information you provide against unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage, or loss.

For the information collected, we will keep it for the minimum period stipulated by law, and after the storage period is exceeded, we will anonymize the information collected.


Although the above reasonable and practical measures have been taken and the standards required by relevant laws and regulations have been complied with, please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious means that may exist in the Internet industry, even if we do our best to strengthen security measures, It is not always possible to guarantee 100% security of information. Our company will do its best to ensure the safety of the personal information you provide to us.


We are only responsible for storing and maintaining the business data generated during your ZenTao Cloud service and will not actively view these data.

5. How do you manage your personal information

ZenTao Cloud attaches great importance to your concern about your personal information and makes every effort to protect your rights to access, correct, and delete your information so that you have the full ability to protect your privacy and security.

5.1 Access to your information

You have the right to access your personal information, subject to exceptions provided by laws and regulations.

5.2 Correction of your information

You have the right to request that we correct the information we process about you when you find that there is an error in the information we process about you.

5.3 Delete your information

You may request us to delete personal information in the following circumstances:

(1)If our processing of personal information violates laws and regulations;

(2)If we collect and use your personal information without your consent;

(3)If our processing of personal information violates our agreement with you;

(4)If you no longer use our products or services, or you cancel your account;

(5)If we no longer provide you with products or services;

(6)You can export your business data independently within the validity period of the ZenTao Cloud service you purchased;

(7)During the validity period of the ZenTao Cloud service you purchased, you can delete business data on your own;

(8)We will delete your business data voluntarily three months after the expiry of the ZenTao Cloud service you purchased.

When you delete information from our service, we may not delete the corresponding information from the backup system immediately but will delete the information when the backup is updated.

6. Scope of application

6.1 This Privacy Policy applies to all versions of Cloud Zendao’s services;

6.2 Please note that this policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals;

6.3 Your use of these third-party services is subject to their privacy policies (not this policy), and you need to read their policies carefully.

7. Amendments and Notices of Privacy Policy

To provide you with better services, and as the business develops, this Privacy Policy will also be updated accordingly. However, without your express consent, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy. EasySoft INC will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on this page. For major changes, our company will also provide a more prominent notice. Material modifications referred to in this Privacy Policy include, but are not limited to:


(1)Significant changes to our service model. Such as the purpose of processing personal information, the type of personal information processed, the way of using personal information, etc.;

(2)We have undergone significant changes in ownership, organization, etc. Such as changes in owners caused by business adjustments, bankruptcy mergers, acquisitions, etc.;

(3)The main object of personal information sharing, transfer, or public disclosure has changed;

(4)Significant changes in your rights to participate in the processing of personal information and the way they are exercised;

(5)When our responsible department responsible for handling personal information security, contact information and complaint channels change;

(6)When the personal information security impact assessment report indicates that there is a high risk.

In addition, we will archive older versions of this Privacy Policy for your review. Suppose you continue to use our services after this policy update takes effect. In that case, it means that you have fully read, understood, and accepted the updated policy and are willing to be bound by it.

8. How to contact us

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact our company in the following ways. us

Questions will be reviewed as soon as possible, and a response will be given within fifteen business days of verifying your user identity. specific contact

The way is as follows:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 4006-8899-23

Address: Room 3208, Jinshi international building, No. 157 Jinggangshan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao Shandong Province

Postcode: 266000

9. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising from or related to this Privacy Policy should be submitted to where this Agreement is signed (i.e., Qingdao West Coastal New Area) to be settled in a court of competent jurisdiction.