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Program Management

Multi-level corporate strategic management, mainly including: program, sub-program, and related management of projects.

Document Library

Including product document library, project document library, custom document library, document version comparison, etc.

Product Management

It mainly includes functions such as product, requirement, plan, release, roadmap, and requirement matrix.

Organization Management

Management company, department, user information. Set user permission groups, view permissions, operation permissions, etc.

Project Management

Project iterations/phases, teams, stakeholders, codebases, versions, etc.

Basic Statistical Report

Annual summary view of employees, basic statistical reports.

Executive Management

Management of the project iteration (or phase) execution process, including tasks, Kanban, burndown charts, group views, tree views and iterative requirements.


Email notification, Browser notification, Dingding notification, Enterprise WeChat notification etc.

Test Management

Use case library, use case, test suite, test request, test report, bug defect, etc.


Open API interface to facilitate integration with other systems; support secondary development of functional modules.


Associate SVN, Git, SonarQube, GitLab code bases, code comparison, code and requirements/tasks/bug associations; Trigger the construction of CI/CD in GitLab and Jenkins in various ways; Enhanced GitLab integration, GitLab Server management, associated GitLab accounts, and import GitLab issues; Add SonarQube servers, create SonarQube build tasks. view SonarQube scan report in ZenTao.