Agile Conference in China: AgileChina, Beijing, China, July 15-18 2018

2018-06-24 09:29:00

On July 15-18 2018, AgileChina will be held in Beijing, China. AgileChina is a four-day conference about Agile and Scrum. It is part of the TiD Conference that integrates resources and forces of SPIChina, ChinaTest and AgileChina.

Agile China will start with a day of tutorials followed by three days of sessions both in Chinese and English.

In the agenda of AgileChina conference you can find topics like

  • “Lean-Thinking Based Product Improvement and Business Mode Testing”,
  • “Scrum Mastery – Essential Skills for Team Excellence”,
  • “Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Leaders”,
  • “Software is a Side Effect: Your Real Job is Rapid Learning”,
  • “Exploring Scrum of Scrums as a Scaling Vehicle”,
  • “From Concept to Product Backlog – What Happens Before Iteration 0?”,
  • “The Essential Product Owner: Partnering with your Teams”.

Since TiD, the conference organizer, doesn't have an English website, you are welcome to leave a message here and we will try our best to help you.

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