This extension uses the hook to print 'helloworld' on top of the page in ZenTao.

The hello world as an example to show how an extesnsion works in ZenTao.

1. Install via the build-in extension manager. 

1.1 Login to ZenTao as the administrator, and go to  Admin->Extension 

1.2 Visit the page to get extensions and search for this extension. 

1.3 Click the AutoInstall and start the installation. 


2. Manual installation 

Unzip this package and copy files to the corresponding module directory, such as copy module to zentao/module.

1.3(2020-02-04 15:41:33)

Category Feature Extension
Extension helloworld
Code hellozentao
Type Feature
Author wwccss<wwccss#gmail.com>
Email wyd621@163.com
Website http://www.zentao.pm
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