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The ZenTao HR Calendar helps project managers view the hours consumed by project members, the amount of work outstanding, parallel work, and the current workload. The future workload can also be simulated. Knowing the workload of members allows for better scheduling of human resources.

The ZenTao HR Calendar plug-in can help project managers to view the man-hours consumed by project members, unfinished work, parallel work, and current workload. Future workloads can also be simulated. Knowing the workload of members can better schedule human resources.

1.View the resource calendar

After the plugin is installed, it can be viewed on the organization's resource calendar page.

2. Permission configuration

You can go to admin - Personnel - Permissions - Resource Calendar to assign resource calendar permissions.

3. Function introduction

The main functions are divided into resource calendar and simulated load. The resource calendar is further divided into a resource calendar page and a personal resource calendar page, both of which include pending and processed states:

4.Personal Resource Calendar Page

Click on the username to enter the personal resource calendar page. Display the project's tasks under the project, and corresponding sub-items under other items. After expanding each type of item, you can view the specific sub-items stage, estimated remaining work, deadline, and corresponding work status.

Load simulation function

Load simulation mainly involves simulating and adjusting the duration of the work to be processed and synchronously viewing load changes.

In the pending state, click the Simulate Load button in the upper right corner of the resource calendar page to enter the Simulate Load page.

1. The plug-in uses Ioncube encryption. To run the plug-in, you need to install Ioncube Loader. For details, please refer to:。

Remarks: The ZenTao one-click installation package has a built-in decryption program, no installation is required.

2. Back up the ZenTao code (note that the entire ZenTao running code folder is backed up) and the database. You can copy the entire one-click installation package as a backup.

3. Download the plug-in corresponding to the ZenTao version, without decompression, log in to ZenTao with a super administrator account, and select local installation in the background-plug-in.

This extension requires Ioncube Loader. Click Install Ioncube

1.0(2023-09-28 14:23:07)

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