ZenTao Max 3.3 is released!

2022-07-20 14:22:00

ZenTao Max 3.3 is released!

Hello and welcome to ZenTao Max 3.3! As usual, it's compatible with ZenTao 17.2. This release is updated and optimized with features of Issue, Risk, Opportunity, and QA, supporting customizing the fields of these blocks in Admin, and at the same time, search tags are enriched and the feature "Export" is added, making the operations more convenient.


Some data about this release:

1. New features in this release

Field customization:

  • The feature of field customization is added to blocks of Issue, Risk, Opportunity, and QA.

Data export:

  • The feature of the data export is added to blocks of Issue, Risk, Opportunity, and QA.

Issue and risk:

  • Issue and risk can be linked with each other when creating and editing, and you can track them easily.

Dashboard of Scrum project:

  • Blocks of Issue and Risk are newly added to the dashboard of Scrum projects.

Workflow and approval flow:

  • Approval flow is integrated into the workflow for quickly creating.

2. Screenshots

▼ Issue, Risk, Opportunity, and QA can be customized in Admin.

▼ When creating issues, you can link the issue with risks.

▼Blocks of Issue and Risk are newly added to the dashboard of Scrum projects.

▼ Approval flow can be created quickly in the workflow.

3. Quick review of ZenTao Max 3.2

The improved feature of ZenTao Max 3.2 mainly includes:

  • Search bars are added to several lists such as Recycle, R&D Kanban, Product--Plan, My--Work, and My--Contribute to facilitate user search by criteria.
  • Project and execution can be linked to multi-plans under one product, enhancing the flexibility for plan management.
  • Features of ''Customize Columns" and "Advanced Table" are added to the execution list, for the convenience of users to customize fields and models flexibly.
  • Stories, tasks, and bug cards in the Scrum Kanban and R&D Kanban can be dragged up and down for sorting, making Kanban-related actions easier. 
  • Tabs "Assigned To Me" and "Search" are added to "My"--"Work"--"Feedback", for the convenience of users to follow up on feedback quickly.
  • Creating reviews in Waterfall Project allows you to select documents from the project library, greatly enhancing the flexibility of reviews.
  • Button "Setting" is added to "Execution"--"View"--"Gantt" to show the information more clearly.
  • Formatting issues that are supported by the function of Excel import are optimized.
  • UX issues in the modules Execution and Kanban are optimized.
  • We have fundamentally solved the problem of multi-application navigation highlighting errors in multi-tab scenarios, which significantly improves the user experience.


Install Pack PHP5.4-5.6 PHP 7.0 PHP 7.1 PHP 7.2_7.4
One-Click Installs for Windows  Classic 64 bit New 64 bit (Updated ZenTao Runner)
One-Click Installs for Linux
(unzip to /opt )
64 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 64 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-) 

At the same time, IM programs that can be integrated with ZenTao are available:

ZenTao IM Windows Linux macOS
ZenTao IM Server Windows Linux macOS

Note: ZenTao IM is an online chat tool that can be integrated with ZenTao, you still need to download the main programs which are the install pack or one-click installs. Click here to learn more about the integration instruction.

Docker: click here


Installation Manual

Update Manual

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