ZenTao Max 2.6 is released

2022-01-28 08:59:33
Summary : ZenTao Max 2.6 is released, compatible with ZenTao Open Source 16.2.

ZenTao Max 2.6 is released, compatible with ZenTao Open Source 16.2

Hello everyone! ZenTao Max 2.6 is released. It is compatible with ZenTao Open Source 16.2


Professional R&D Kanban function at the project management model level is added in this release. ZenTao is going to fully support the three project management models: Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban from now on. Users have more flexible choices with the more completed features of ZenTao.

Features of professional R&D Kanban:

  • The project progress can be promoted by Pull Production System.
  • New areas and swimlanes can be flexibly added according to the business requirement.
  • The height of the swimlane can be customized. The Kanban interaction is more flexible and friendly.
  • WIP quantity can be set according to the actual scale of the project and the division of labor. WIP quantity can be strictly controlled and the delivery efficiency can be improved.

Welcome to download and try!


PHP Package PHP5.3-5.6 PHP 7.0 PHP 7.1 PHP 7.2_7.4
One-Click Installation Package for Windows 64 bit 32 bitNo security Settings
One-Click Installation Packages for Linux
(unzip to /opt )
64 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 32 bit (Ubuntu17+ and Centos7.4+) 64 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-) 32 bit (Ubuntu16- and Centos7.3-)
ZenTao Desktop Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS

Docker: click here


Installation Manual

Update Manual

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